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Assistant Director's Office / Special Advisor for Social and Media Communication

Caribbean Workshops
Avian and Pandemic Risk Communication

  • Jamaica, January 11 - 12, 2007

  • Trinidad and Tobago, January 17 - 18, 2007

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Funded by USAID

Caribbean Workshops Report

Participant List

Participant List


Public education, information and communication personnel in the governmental and non governmental sectors in the English speaking Caribbean and Suriname, including: media, disaster preparedness managers/coordinators, medical practitioners veterinarians and other public health environmental personnel.


  • Clare Forrester, Communication Expert on Public Health, PAHO/Caribbean Program Coordination (Barbados)


  • Review the extent of communication preparedness for, and identify challenges and constraints in coping with AI and a possible influenza pandemic.
  • Provide guidance in preparing and or updating action plans.
  • Develop/strengthen skills in preparing and delivering crisis communication messages.
  • Establish clear, intra and inter-country linkages between existing communication teams.

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