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Disease Prevention and Control / Communicable Diseases / Leprosy

Self-Instruction Course on Health Situation Analysis of Endemic Hansen's Disease

Ministério da Saúde SVS

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(in Portuguese, 60 pp, PDF, 2351 KB; links in the Table of Contents to the chapters listed below, with titles translated for user orientation)

- Introduction
- Practices and Instruments to Measure Progress Made in Leprosy Elimination, Brazil

- Basic Principles
- Epidemiological/Operacional Indicators for Leprosy
- Basic Indicators / Operacional Indicators

Unit I: Generating Results from SINAN Reports on Essential Indicators
- Educational Objectives

Units II & III: Tabulating Essential Indicators by City and State
1st Exercise: Mapping Detection Coefficients 2004
- Obtaining 2003 Population Data, IBGE
2nd Exercise: Getting to Know the Active (Prevalence) Registry in the Database
3rd Exercise: Analyzing the Annual Detection Coefficient for New Cases in 2002 among the Population (ages 0–5, per 10,000 inhabitants, by state

Unit IV: Hands-On Exercise on Updating Data
- Educational Objectives
- Hands-On Exercise: Objective
- Installation (Initial Configuration): Data & Tables
- Installation (Initial Configuration): Installation
- Data-Display Screen
- Creating Files for Active Registries
- Opening Active Registry Files
- Checking on Data
- Visual Appearance of Data
- Printing Data Reports

Unit V: Leprosy Data with SIA, AIH, SIM, and SIAB
- Educational Objectives

Unit VI: Summary of Standardized Procedures to Evaluate Ongoing Information in Municipal and State Databases
- Educational Objectives
- Instruments
- Tools
- Workflow for Updating Database
- Routine
- Situational Summary for Leprosy Elimination, Brazil
- Indicators Accompanying Elimination


Hansen's Disease in Brazil: PAHO Activities
LEM 2003, Brazil
PAHO Leprosy Page


This self-teaching manual is the result of a joint effort between the Coordination for Elimination of Hansen's Disease (leprosy) of the Ministry of Health of Brazil and the Pan American Health Organization, with the objective of enhancing epidemiological surveillance of Hansen's disease through the Project for Prevention and Control of Hansen's Disease. The project received special support from the Secretary of Health Surveillance, Dr. Jarbas Barbosa da Silva Junior.

This training module consists of self-teaching units on the practices and instruments currently used to measure the progress made in the elimination of Hansen's disease, formulated by DATASUS. In this collection, the names utilized strictly reflect the criteria and policy of the Ministry of Health of Brazil. The section entitled "Unit VI: Design for a Feedback System Using Standardized Procedures and Routines" is the product of the Office to Develop Practice and Instruments for Analyzing the Endemic Situation of Hansen's Disease, promoted by the Coordination for the Elimination of Hansen's Disease.

The course is aimed at people interested in learning to utilize the public-domain tools developed by DATASUS for health-situation analysis and planning prevention activities. The purpose of the course is to help improve the performance of state or municipal programs working to eliminate Hansen's disease as public-health problem.


Dra. Rosa Castália
Coordinator, National Program to Eliminate Hansen's Disease
Secretariat for Health Surveillance (SVS)
Ministry of Health
Esplanada dos Ministérios Block "G"
4th floor, room 420 B (annex)
Brasilia, DF
Phone: (+55-61) 315-2908
Dra. Vera Andrade
Communicable Disease Unit
Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)
Country Office in Brazil
Haroldo Lopes dos Santos
SUS Information Department (DATASUS)
Office of the Secretary of Health
Ministry of Health
José Muniz da Costa Vargens
SUS Information Department (DATASUS)
Office of the Secretary of Health
Ministry of Health

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