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Interagency Commission to Stop TB: Vth Meeting for the Americas (Stop TB)

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 3–5 May 2004)

IVa Reunión

(in Spanish, PDF, 184 KB)

Stop TB

IVa Reunión


  1. To review progress made in carrying out the recommendations made at the IVth Meeting in the Dominican Republic in 2003.
  2. To analyze compliance with previous action plans, and to analyze challenges faced in achieving expansion of the DOTS strategy and in reaching WHO global goals in the ten priority countries.
  3. To discuss experiences and lessons learned during the process of application and implementation of Global Fund projects.
  4. To become acquainted with the successful experiences of selected countries in the expansion of the DOTS/TAES strategy.
  5. To consolidate strategic alliances among partners in the Region, within the framework of the meeting of the Interagency Commission to Stop TB.

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