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Health Surveillance and Disease Management / Communicable Diseases / Viral Diseases

The PAHO Regional Program on Viral Diseases

Regional Program on Viral Diseases

Mission: Provide support to PAHO Member Countries in their efforts to create and maintain surveillance systems and to prevent and control emerging viral diseases of an epidemic nature, including influenza (avian, pandemic, seasonal), yellow fever, hemorrhagic fevers arising from arenavirus, hantavirus, equine encephalitis, West Nile Virus, and other arboviruses.

Areas of Work

  • Providing strategic supplies: Promote the integration of regional public-health laboratories and PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers for the production and distribution of reactives, standards, and other non-commercial strategic supplies.
  • Surveillance and response to outbreaks: Create conditions that will forward the detection, research, prevention, control, and dissemination of information on emerging viral diseases of epidemic character.
  • Research: Provide support to scientific and operational research on human viroses of importance to public health.
  • Resource mobilization: Promote and support resource mobilization to implement detection, diagnostic, and preventive activities related to viral diseases.

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