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International Workshop for Primary-Care Health Professionals—

Healthy Children, Healthy Futures:
Evidence-based Strategies to Promote Child Health

WHO Collaborating Center for
Nursing and Midwifery Development in Primary Health Care

University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Nursing
Galveston, Texas, 5-7 February 2003

For the very first time, a special bilingual (English-Spanish) workshop will be held for faculty and primary-care practitioners on "Healthy Children, Healthy Futures: Evidence-based Strategies to Promote Child Health." The workshop will focus on the joint WHO-UNICEF strategy for IMCI: Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, which includes three components aimed at bettering the health and development of children:

  1. improving performance of health workers in children's health care,
  2. improving the organization and functioning of health centres and hospitals providing children's care, and
  3. improving parental, family and community knowledge and practices for healthy child growth and development.
For more information (CE credit, call for abstracts, registration), visit the conference website or contact
Imelda Mendoza
Phone: (409) 772-5029
Fax: (409) 772-5864

Note: Due to the nature of this workshop, registration is limited to 100 participants.

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