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Scaling Up Primary Health Care as a Major Strategy in the Prevention and Control of the Chronic Disease Epidemic

(Global Health Council’s 35th Annual International Conference on Global Health, Washington, DC, 27 May 2008)

- Program (PDF, 101 Kb; excerpt to right)
- Color flyer (PDF, 135 Kb)

Keynote Presentations (PowerPoint PDF)
PAHO Director Emeritus: George Alleyne (22 slides, 261 Kb)
PAHO/WHO: Alberto Barceló (35 slides, 620 Kb)
Country Presentations:
- Brazil: Dr. Flavius Augusto Olivetti Albieri, Ministry of Health of Brazil (43 slides, 1783 Kb)
- Chile: Dr. Ximena Aguilera, representing the Ministry of Health of Chile, Improving Access to Care for Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs): The Chilean Perspective (45 slides, 1230 Kb)

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Session on primary health care

Chronic diseases are now the leading cause of premature mortality and disability globally. The most commonly occurring chronic diseases and those of greatest public health importance for public health are cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases. Many interventions for the management of chronic diseases are cost-effective; for example, beta blockers and aspirin are low-cost and effective measures to reduce the chance of recurrent heart attacks; controlling blood sugar, ensuring access to insulin, and blood pressure control can prevent complications and early mortality among those with diabetes; and early treatment and surgical removal of tumors, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy improve cancer survival. But there are serious concerns about the access to quality care and medication for the management of chronic diseases in the developing world. This session provides the elements of the needs for access to quality care for chronic conditions at the primary level of care and showcases examples of effective programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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