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PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers in the Area of Food Safety

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers
List with details and websites, following by useful links

Centers arranged alphabetically by country
PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Food Contamination Monitoring
Director/Head: Dr. Samuel BENREJEB
Food Research Division
Bureau of Chemical Safety
Food Directorate, Health Canada
2203D Sir Frederick Banting Building
Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A OL2
Phone (+1-613) 957 0944   |   Fax (+1-613) 941 4775
Date of Designation: 20 Sep 2005      Last Redesignation: 20 Sep 2005       Expiry: 20 Sep 2009

United States of America (USA)

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Food Safety and Safety in Food of Animal Origin
Director/Head: Dr. H. Scott HURD

Food Safety Research Program
Iowa State University
1717 Veterinary Medicine Building
Ames, IA 50010, USA
Phone (+1-515) 294 7905      |       Fax (+1-515) 294 1072
Date of Designation: 01 Dec 1993       Last Redesignation: 26 Mar 2004       Expiry: 26 Mar 2008

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Food Safety Risk Analysis
(located at the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition / JIFSAN)
Director/Head: Dr. Maureen L. STOREY

Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN)
0220 Symons Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742, USA
Phone (+1-301) 405 8382      |       Fax (+1-301) 405 8390
E-mails, corporate mailbox
Date of Designation: 25 Nov 1998       Last Redesignation: 17 Feb 2006       Expiry: 17 Feb 2010

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Food Virology (located at the UC-Davis Food Safety Laboratory)
Director/Head: Dr. Dean CLIVER

Food Safety Unit
Department of Population Health and Reproduction
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of California (UC)
Surge IV Building
Davis, CA 95616-8734, USA
Phone (+1-916) 754 9120      |       Fax (+1-916) 754 5845
Date of Designation: 14 Feb 1997      Last Redesignation: 29 Mar 2004       Expiry: 29 Mar 2008

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Foodborne Disease Surveillance
Director/Head: Dr. Arthur P. LIANG

- Food Safety Laboratories and Surveillance
- FoodNet: Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network

Food Safety Office
Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases
National Center for Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Mail Stop G-24
1600 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30333, USA
Phone (+1-404) 639 2213      |       Fax (+1-404) 639 3359
Date of Designation: 21 Jan 1997       Last Redesignation: 29 Sep 2003       Expiry: 29 Sep 2007

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and Control of Salmonella and other Foodborne Diseases (part of WHO Global Salm-Surv / GSS system)
Director/Head: Dr. Frederick J. ANGULO

Foodborne Disease Epidemiology Team
Foodborne and Diarrhoeal Diseases Branch
National Center for Infectious Diseases
Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC)
1600 Clifton Road, N.E. MS D-63
Atlanta, GA 30030, USA
Phone (+1-404) 371 5405      |       Fax (+1-404) 371 5444
Date of Designation: 21 Mar 2006       Last Redesignation: 21 Mar 2006       Expiry: 21 Mar 2010

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