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How to make a food safety plan for safe food for my school? The 5 ways to have a school with safe food and water: Manual for the Parent Advisory Council

(PAHO/INCAP - Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama, Guatemala, 2006)

Manual para la Junta Escolar

Full Text (in Spanish, 24 pp, PDF, 296 Kb; chapter headings translated below for user orientation)
Step 1:
Putting into practice the manual on The five ways to keep your food safe

1. Organizing training workshops
2. Making agreements
3. Electing a leader
Step 2: Identifying problems, causes and solutions related to the food and water in my school
1. Identifying the problems and their possible causes
2. Identifying measures to solve the problems
3. Prioritizing the problems
Step 3: Formulating the work plan
1. Form working groups
2. Fill out the form Workplan for Safe Food and Water: How to go about it?
Step 4: Implementing the plan
Step 5: Supervision, monitoring and evaluation
Conclusion   |   Annexes

1. Checklist for a school with safe food and water
2. Measures recommended to ensure safe food or water in my school
3. Projects to implement at my school
4. Project planning
5: Workplan: How to go about it?
6: Project evaluation
Literature consulted


5 Key Ways Project: About the Project |
Content Manual | Progress Report |
Activity Book & Teacher's Guide |
Official Poster (in Spanish) |
INCAP Fact Sheet (in Spanish)

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The present manual contains the five steps recommended for implementing a plan to improve the safe handling of food and water at local schools in Guatemala (and eventually in Honduras), so that these will be safe for consumption those who work at and attend the schools. These steps can be useful for Parent Advisory Councils in that they provide information on the process to follow and present instruments that they use.

This manual has been prepared with the objective of providing the Parent Advisory Councils with the necessary elements to enable them to prepare their plan for safe food and water in their schools, with participation of the various community actors. In addition, it can be used as a tool to provide guidelines for the implementation of projects to ensure the safety of food and water in schools.

This guide accompanies the Manual The 5 key ways to keep your food safe, which includes information on the five basic rules to ensure safe food and water, and thus to avoid food- and waterborne diseases.


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