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VPH News: Communication Channel of the PAHO Veterinary Public Health Unit

VPH News

New! Current Issue: 2 (4), May 2008
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  • Presentation: RIMSA 15
  • Special
    • PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO welcomes countries at the 35th COSALFA meeting
  • Events
    • PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO promotes animal health training
    • PANALIMENTOS: Security and food safety
    • Research and Development: II National Seminar on Hantavirus advanced research
    • PWR-Chile: Rabies situation
  • Connections
    • First Conference on Health Innovation is held in Brazil
    • Food-and-mouth disease: Emergency Simulation in Paraguay
    • Visits to PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO
  • Book Launch: Articles
  • Cooperation
    • Fight against animal rabies, agreement for the creation of a laboratory network
    • Visit of Dr. Mirta Roses, partnership between PAHO and the city where PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO has its headquarters


Note from the Editor

To manage, above all, is to communicate Management and internal communication are sisters working with words full of action. Internal communication is the tool that will allow administration to constitute common messages destined to motivate, promote, and assemble the components of a system. It establishes a bridge between individuals. Thus we are starting in our Veterinary Public Health Unit an open channel for the participation of everybody, a bridge for a productive and participative management!

Albino Belotto
Chief, PAHO Veterinary Public Health Unit
Director, Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center (PANAFTOSA)

This newsletter began in July 2007, following the relocation of the PAHO Veterinary Public Health Unit to PANAFTOSA in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The current issue can be found in the left-hand column, in PDF, and archives will be listed below. Please feel free to participate in our newsletter by sending your contributions to Rosane Lopes, Social Communications Officer at PANAFTOSA.


PAHO Links

World Rabies Day

Archives (in PDF)


  • VPH News (2 (3), January 2008): New Year's Message; Events: Fight against Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD): Preparation of the 35th Meeting of COSALFA; Technical Cooperation in Food Safety; Veterinary Public Health: Integration of Various Areas of the Sector; Cystic Echinococcosis Guide: Proposals for Intervention; Quality Human Resources: Strengthening the Image of PALTEX; Presentation of Guide: Social Communication & Risk Communication in Animal Health; Connections: PAHO Assistant Director Visits PANAFTOSA, Praises the PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO Strategic Plan; FAO/RLAC: Partnership in the Fight against FMD; Canada: Vesicular Diseases; IKM: Information Technology; Production of FMD Vaccine; Closer Links with Bolivia; Kansas University: Support of FMD Eradication Plan; News: Poisonous Animals: Prevention Strategies; Cooperation: MAPA-PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO Agreement: Training in Animal Health & Zoonosis; Ecuador: Joint Action Against FMD.


  • VPH News (1 (2), September/October 2007): Words of the Director: Information, Knowledge and Responsibility; Connections: Russian Mission Evaluates the Brazilian Veterinary Public Service; Visit of the General Director of the WHO; Visit of the Representative of OIE; Issue of Manual: Manual on FMD; Events: PANAFTOSA at CONBRAVET; Animal Welfar; Avian Influenza; Agriculture and Rural Life in the Americas; Animal Protection; Quality of Food in Paraguay; Projects: Course on Control of Wild Rabies; Homages: Acknowledgements; Great Cross; Commander Medal; Merit; Dates: World Rabies Day; Day of the Veterinarian.
  • VPH News (1 (1), July 2007): Workshop in Chile/Argentina; Dominican Republic: Healthy Markets Project; Brazilian Program for the Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD); Communication Training Seminar for the Development and Information on Prevention of Highly Pathogenous Avian Influenza in the Andean Region and Central America; Recent Activities (Official Missions): First Course on the Control of Wild Rabies (D. rotundus) in Brazil; Project BID-PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO, Program of Regional System for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) within the Enlarged MERCOSUR; Integration between Health and Agriculture—Pandemic Avian and Human Grippe: Attending to the Need of Integration of Health and Agriculture in the Preparation of Programs in Latin America; Colombia: Group Established to Support Government in Food Safety Evaluation; Progress Made in FMD-Free Status; Construction of Biosecurity Level 3A Laboratory at CEISA

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