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Assistant Director's Office / Special Advisor for Social and Media Communication

Training of Trainers Workshop in Risk Communication

( Quito, Ecuador, 4 - 5 September 2008 )

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Funded by the
Canadian International
Development Agency
& the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Presentations (Spanish)
Technical Session 2

Adult Learning and Facilitation
Technical Session 3

Risk Communication
Technical Session 4

Theory into Action
Technical Session 5

Inter-institutional Communication
Technical Session 6

Technical Session 7

Documents (Spanish)
Participant List


  • Bryna Brennan, Special Advisor, Social and Media Communication (PAHO)
  • Vilma Gutierrez, Communication Specialist (PAHO)


  • Bryna Brennan, Special Advisor, Social and Media Communication (PAHO)
  • Maritza Labraña, Comunication Specialist, Chile
  • Martha Rodriguez, Comunication Specialist (PAHO - Ecuador)
  • Jennie Vasquez, Communication Specialist
  • Vilma Gutiérrez, Communication Specialist (PAHO)


  • Support in the education of a group of trainers in risk communication in the country with the capacity to:
    • Replicate the knowledge acquired
    • Advise the national authorities through emergency situations
    • Support the planning and implementation, both at the national level and local

Recommendations / Actions to be taken

  • Support the Ministry of Health in the preparation of a plan to replicate the workshop in the different regions of the country, and provide a CD to the participants that includes the presentations and the methodology of the workshop.
  • Promote the development of a network of communicators of the Ministry of Health in order to share information and experience regarding planning and preparations of local risk communication plans.
  • Support the multi-sectoral committee of communication of pandemic influenza in order to widen the focus of its current strategy with the objective of being prepared for any adverse situation that represents a risk to public health
  • Work inter-institutionally and inter-sectorally to replicate the trainings to other communicators.

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