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Code of Practice for Food Premix Operations


Nutrition Unit
Family and Community Health Area
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)

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This Code of Practice for Food Premix Operations is the first response to a need raised by the implementers of food fortification programs. With this industry Code of Practice, it shall be ensured that all types of food premixes are safe, that respective businesses operate in accordance with hygiene requirements harmonized at the regional level, and that traceability is improved.

This Code incorporates the principles of quality management, food safety and HACCP. The combination of these principles provides guidance for the food premix operators on what measures to implement and how to execute them in order to contribute to international food manufacturing and trade. The aim of this Code is to provide a user-friendly document as background information and guidance for establishing industrial standard on reducing risk related to adulterated food premixes entering into the food chain.

    Table of Contents
    Section 1. Scope
    Section 2. Terms and Definitions
    Section 3. Quality Management System (QMS)
      3.1 General Requirements
      3.2 Quality Policy
      3.3 Quality Manual
      3.4 Organizational Structure, Responsibility and Management Authority
      3.5 Documentation Control
      3.6 Procedures
      3.7 Product Control
      3.8 Process Control
      3.9 Internal Audit
      3.10 Control of Non-Conforming Products
      3.11 Traceability
      3.12 Record Keeping
      3.13 Product Recall
      3.14 Complaint Handling System
      3.15 Supplier Audit Monitoring
      3.16 Upper Management Responsibilities
    Section 4. GMP-Prerequisite Programs
      4.1 Establishment: Design and Facilities
      4.2 Personnel
      4.3 Pest Control
      4.4 Maintenance
      4.5 Hygiene/Cleaning
      4.6 Transport and Storage
    Section 5. Food Safety
      5.1 Foreign Material Control
      5.2 HACCP Program
      5.3 Design and Development
    Section 6. Audit Guidelines
    Appendix 1. Audit Score

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