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The production and the exchange of the information on gender, ethnicity, and health is a key information and communication objective of the Gender, Ethnicity, and Health Unit (GE) that contributes to the promotion of gender and ethnic equality and equity in the development of health policies.

Our approach consists of: the systematization and the dissemination of pertinent information and thinking on the subject of gender, ethnicity, and health in a timely fashion through the use of new technologies; the promotion and the support of qualitative and quantitative statistical research and development of information that will contribute to the development of more health policies, systems, and institutions that are gender and ethnicity sensitive; and the facilitation and the mediation of the exchanges of virtual and personal knowledge in order to promote communication among those interested in the issue.

These objectives contribute to the strengthening of the initiatives of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to reduce the impact of gender and ethnicity as determining factors of inequities in the health status and access to the health care of women and men.


Web page for Gender, Health and Development Statistics

Web page for Unpaid Work in Health Care in the Household Sector

GenSalud Virtual Library-This is the first virtual library on gender and health in the Americas. It is a central point of access to gender and health information and contains over 3,000 printed resources and a growing number of electronic resources. The virtual gender and health library is housed at the Center of Investigation and Research on Women (CIEM) at the University of Costa Rica and includes participating organizations from Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

GenSalud Electronic Newsletter - This electronic listserv disseminates information on news, publications, and events, among other resources on gender, ethnicity, and women's health issues such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, violence against women and girls, quality of care, health sector reform and gender equity, HIV/AIDS and women's health. Information is posted in both English and Spanish.

Gender and Public Health Series- Topics covered in this periodic journal include intra-family violence, sexual abuse and the Belém do Pará Convention. Most of the documents are available in Spanish only.

Harvard Series on Gender and Health Equity- This is a series of research reports exploring different themes in gender and women's health which PAHO has translated into Spanish.


Gender, Health and Development Statistics

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Gender, Health and Development in the Americas 2005

Gender, Health and Development in the Americas 2003


GenSalud Virtual Library

GenSalud Newsletter

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Gender and HIV/AIDS in the Americas

Gender Equity in Health

Trafficking of Women

Fact Sheets
Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment: Requirements for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals [In Spanish]
Healthy Mothers and Children: The Role of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality
Maternal Deaths and Intrafamily Violence Against Women [In Spanish]
Cervical Cancer
Emergency Contraception
Gender & Ageing
Gender & Child Development
Gender & Food Security
Gender & HIV/AIDS
Gender & the HIV/AIDS UNGASS
Gender & Indigenous Women's Health
Gender & Natural Disasters
Gender Equity in Health
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Men & SRH
Trafficking of Women
Violence against Women
Health Response to VAW
Int'l Commitments on VAW
Men & VAW
Social Responses to VAW
VAW during Pregnancy
Women's Unpaid Health Work

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