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In September 2005, the 46th Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization approved the Organization's first ever Gender Equality Policy. The goal of this policy is to contribute to the achievement of gender equality in health status and health development through research, policies and programs which give due attention to gender differences in health and its determinants and actively promote equality and equity between women and men.

The Gender, Ethnicity and Health Unit will co-ordinate the formulation and implementation of the mainstreaming aims of the Policy and assist and support the development of methodologies and materials for gender analysis, standardized terminology to ensure coherent communication about gender issues, a strategy for appropriate capacity building across the Organization, and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation. This important achievement will further guide and reinforce the work of GE, including its contribution to the building of an appropriate evidence-base on gender-related health issues in the Organization, and the development of specific programs and activities to facilitate the implementation of the Gender Equality Policy within the context of the new priorities of the Organization.


Sexual and Reproductive Health: Also an Issue for Men-Initial Research for the Promotion of Men's Participation in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs in Central America, PAHO, 2005 (Available only in Spanish)

Click here to access a Power Point presentation about the study.

Annotated Bibliography of Gender Mainstreaming Resources - This document is a compilation of existing resources (reports, manuals, guidelines etc.) on mainstreaming gender in health projects, programs and policies.

Gender, Health and Development: A Facilitator's Guide, 1997 - This web page provides a link to resources and tools from a workshop held at PAHO in 1997 that examined topics such as: health from a gender perspective, understanding menís and womenís health, illness processes, and improving the equity with which roles, responsibilities and rewards are distributed in health promotion and care.

PAHO Gender Workshop, 1997- This is the report from the workshop mentioned above that was intended to introduce participants to the concepts of gender and gender analysis, and provide them with practical tools to begin integrating a gender perspective into health policies and programmes.

   Subcommittee on Women, Health, and Development

The Sub-Committee on Women, Health and Development advises the Director, the Executive Committee, the Directing Council and the Pan American Sanitary Conference on the impact on women of policy set at those levels of organizational decision making.

  • The 21st Session, March 14-15 2005, examined advances made in the Organization's gender mainstreaming initiatives and lessons learned in formulating and implementing gender equality policies. In addition, this session of the Subcommittee revised and passed the proposed Gender Equality Policy that was later approved by the Executive Committee.

  • The 20th Session, March 25-26 2003, looked at both the incorporation of gender in PAHO technical programs, and the monitoring of national health policies from a gender perspective.

  • The 19th Session, March 12-14 2001, reviewed the analysis and monitoring of gender equity in health and development, and the surveillance of domestic violence.

  • The 18th Session, February 8-9 1999, examined at the incorporation of gender and women's health issues in health sector reform processes in the region.

Click here for more information about the Subcommittee on Women, Health and Development.


Committee sessions the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

Updates on the Commission on the Status of Women

Gender in the International System

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Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality

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