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Healthy Municipalities and Communities - Country Profiles


National Network Status

There are 2,419 municipalities in Mexico, 85% of which are governed by municipal presidents who are democratically elected for a period of three years; the remaining 15% are municipalities of an indigenous nature, with traditional authorities that last one year in the position.

The movement of healthy municipalities formally started five years ago with the creation of a few municipalities; to date there are more than 1,000 municipalities that perform under the guidelines of the Program for Healthy Municipalities, 672 of these are affiliated to the Mexican Network for Healthy Municipalities.

From the organizational point of view, the municipal presidents who are members of the Network hold annual elections to elect a Coordinating Committee, conformed by a President, three Deputy Presidents and a Secretary, plus a Government Representative (Vocal) for each ruling entity. It also has a secretary for technical support in charge of the Health Secretariat, who is responsible for advising, providing technical support and encouraging the process.


The Network has become a place for exchange of experiences where the municipal presidents have the opportunity to learn, agree, and coordinate activities oriented to the health and well being of their municipalities. An important strategy that needs further strengthening is the organization of meetings of a technical nature promoted by the Mexican Health Secretariat in a continuous and systematic way. Since 1995 the following activities have taken place: 10 meeting on specific subjects, four national meeting, an international conference and the II Latin American Congress for Healthy Municipalities and Communities.

In October 1998, the 5th National Meeting of the Mexican Network will take place in Obregon City, Cajeme Municipality, Sonora, Mexico, which will be attended mainly by presidents and municipal officials in the country, as well as health personnel related to the health municipalities movement.


For more information on the Program, you may wish to consult the Mexican Health Secretariat Web page at the following address:

There you will find a summary of the programs carried out by the Dirección General de Promoción de la Salud, specifically on Healthy Municipalities. You will also find information on the bulletin which is distributed in the country.


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