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"Clearing the Air" Competition Call for Nominations
World No Tobacco Day 2001

PAHO/WHO is inviting nominations from the Region of the Americas for the "Clearing the Air" competition in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day, May 31st, 2001. On May 31st PAHO/WHO will recognize governments, mayors, institutions and individuals who have made a significant contribution to "clearing the air" of tobacco smoke in their communities.

Nominations should focus on the achievement of smoke free spaces in workplaces, public places, and institutions. Some examples are: passage of a national law to create smoke free government workplaces; passage of national, state or municipal legislation mandating smoke free public transportation; the implementation of a smoke free policy by an employer; or passage of legislation banning smoking in health care settings, educational institutions, or restaurants and bars.

Nominations can honor the government or institution responsible for a smoke free law or policy, or an individual who was instrumental in achieving the law or policy. Nominations may also recognize nongovernmental organizations that have played a significant role in promoting or helping implement smoke free policies.

The nomination should clearly indicate:

  • the details of the achievement (eg. the first city in a country to ban smoking in bars and restaurants; the passage of national legislation to ban smoking in public transportation)
  • the scope of people affected (eg. 500,000 residents of a city; 500 employees in a workplace)
  • the role of the institution or individual being nominated (eg. a mayor or medical officer of health who championed a smoke free municipal law; a nongovernmental organization that organized community support for a smoke free policy; a company executive who implemented a smoke free workplace policy)
  • any context that makes the achievement noteworthy (eg. overcoming strong political opposition; a policy that sets a precedent, such as the first fast-food chain to go smoke free)

The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 23. Award winners will be announced on May 31. Please send, fax or email the nomination to:

"Clearing the Air" Competition
c/o Advisor on Tobacco Control
Pan American Health Organization
525 23rd St NW
Washington DC 20037
fax (202) 974-3640

Thank you for helping us identify people who are helping to "clear the air" as we aim for our goal of a Smoke Free Americas.

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