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Volume 1, Edition 1


June 2003

Healing Our Spirit WorldWide

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  • Editorial
  • Healing Our Spirit Worldwide IV Conference: A Summary Of Our Experience
  • Alcohol And Other Substance Abuse Among Indigenous Peoples
  • Message Of A Wise Jaibaná
  • Indigenous Youth Voices
  • Winds Of America: Activities And Event Schedule

It is an honor to present the first edition of this Bulletin produced as a joint effort of the participants who represented Latin America in the "IV Healing our Spirit Worldwide Global Conference". We have adopted the conference’s title as the Bulletin’s name. As a quarterly publication, the main objective will be to create a network in order to share experiences that contribute to the well-being of the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala (name given by the Kuna people of Panama to all the American Hemisphere), and of the rest of the world. We believe that all of us share the same spirit granted by our Pacha Mama, our Mother Earth.

Each edition of this Bulletin will be a shared responsibility of a country or a group of countries. The persons who represented Panama at the Conference edited this First Issue of the Bulletin. We hope this initiative will contribute to the formation of a Unique, United and Strong People.

With our affection,

Margarita Griffith and Yuri Bacorizo

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