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Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI)  

Protocol for the Nutritional Management of Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension in the Caribbean

A publication of Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute and PAHO/WHO Office of Caribbean Program Coordination


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Chronic non-communicable nutrition related diseases are the main causes of disability, illness and death in the Caribbean. The nutritional management of obesity, diabetes and hypertension are discussed in this protocol with guidelines developed for management in the primary care system. The information provided represents guidelines for standardizing nutritional care at the basic level and provides principles and techniques that can be applied to the management of chronic diseases.

This protocol is intended to serve as a resource document for nutrition and dietetic personnel and other health professionals involved in the management of clients with the selected chronic diseases in the primary health care setting. The protocol should provide a framework for nutritional care which will guide standard care, using a set of core nutritional care parameters.

The document provides the goals and objectives as well as an overview of the targeted chronic diseases and the general nutrition management process. It also details nutritional management for specified diseases, as well as indicators for referral. It is anticipated that the protocol will be reviewed and updated periodically as new scientifc information is made available.


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