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Director's Official Visit to BAHAMAS

Dra. Mirta Roses

Nassau, Bahamas.
February 27 - March 2, 2007.
News Release.

Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, Director of the Pan American Health Organization carried out an official visit to the Bahamas. During her visit, Dr. Roses met important government authorities, including the Minister of Health, National Insurance and Public Information, Senator the Honourable Dr. Bernard J. Nottage; and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Fred Mitchell. Dra. Mirta Roses

At the meeting some of the most relevant health issues in the region were discussed, and PAHO's cooperation througtout its offices in the Caribbean was highlighted and recognized for the national authorities.

During her visit to the Bahamas, the Director took the opportunity to deliver the following two presentations:

- International Health Agendas: The Bahamas role in PAHO/WHO. In this presentation the Director spotlights the Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH) mechanism which was developed for the Member States to collectively focus action and resources towards the achievement of agreed objectives in priority health areas of common concern, and to identify approaches and activities for joint action and/or technical cooperation among countries in support of capacity-building for the achievement of the objectives.

- Public Health Challenges in the Caribbean. The Director highlights the main mensages of the Caribbean Commission on Health and Development (CCHD), which includes, among others, to recognize and promote the thesis that health is a productive asset and encourage further research in this field, that the Caribbean must re-examine the business case for the development of health services targeted to foreign consumers, that intentional violence and injuries represent a huge burden to the health services, and that the Caribbean must continue and intensify the actions to control the epidemic of HIV/AIDS with special attention to: battling stigma and discrimination.

Dr. Roses also attended a live Radio and TV interview. Additionally, there was newspapers coverage of some of the activities that took place.

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