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Media Publications 2011
PAHO/WHO, ECLAC and UNDP present Report on the Argentine Health System and its Long-term Trajectory
[Buenos Aires, Argentina. 21 Dec 2011.]
The Director of PAHO/WHO, Dr. Mirta Roses, and the Argentine ambassador in Chile and former Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García, among others, participate in the launch. [In Spanish]
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PAHO and AECID/Spain, 30 years of cooperation
[Washington, DC. 14 Dec 2011.]
[In Spanish] En la ruta hacia el logro de la Salud para Todos, España ha sido un aliado clave. Nuestra relación comenzó en 1980 cuando España ingresó a la Organización como Estado Observador. Desde entonces y a lo largo de estos 30 años, esta alianza se ha plasmado en colaboración técnica y financiera, en el 2007 con la creación del Fondo Español en la OPS , la colaboración entre España y la OPS va más allá de la transferencia de recursos; es una relación de aliados y amigos basada en el anhelo común del desarrollo equitativo y justo de nuestros pueblos. Palabras de la directora proyectadas en video durante la reunión de los 30 años de la colaboración OPS AECID/España.
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PAHO launches new human rights report, honors leaders on the right to health
[Washington, DC. 10 Dec 2011.]
Human Rights Day 2011. A new report that analyzes tendencies in Latin America and the Caribbean in the enjoyment of health and human rights related to young people’s gender identity and sexual orientation was launched Dec. 8 by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) during an event celebrating Human Rights Day 2011.
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- BLOG: El derecho a la salud de los jóvenes y las identidades de género: hallazgos, tendencias y medidas estratégicas para la acción en salud pública »

Tribute to the Honourable Dr. Leslie Ramsammy former Minister of Health, Guyana
[Guyana. 7 Dec 2011.]
On behalf of the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO Director congratulates the Honourable Dr. Leslie Ramsammy on his appointment as Minister of Agriculture. Prior to that appointment, Dr. Ramsammy served as Guyana's Minister of Health for approximately 10 years, making him one of the longest serving ministers of health in the world, if not the longest serving. During that time, he was a tireless advocate for health.
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See more: WHO. Dr Leslie Ramsammy, President of the 61st World Health Assembly

Freeing the Americas from NIDs: Addressing the Unfinished Agenda
[Philadelphia, USA. 6 Dec 2011.]
American Society Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) 's 2011 Annual Meeting.
Neglected infectious diseases affect population groups living in poor socio-economic conditions, with low income and education levels, poor housing, lack of access to basic services such as clean water and sanitation, and in areas where armed conflict is present, environmental conditions are deteriorated and there are access barriers to health services. As they share similar social and environmental factors, neglected infectious diseases frequently coexist in the same geographical areas be they tropical or subtropical… "We have a great opportunity to reach elimination [as a public health problem], reduce suffering and physical and mental impairment." PAHO Director at the ASTMH Annual Meeting.
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PAHO: To remove the NTDs we must step up not only our Health sector strategies but our Poverty-Reduction Strategies
[Philadelphia, USA. 5 Dec 2011.]
In order to really tackle the NTDs, we need to start taking a careful and systematic look at our health systems, but also take into account the Social Determinants of Health which contribute to their apparent perpetuity. Dr. Mirta Roses remarks at the American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2011 Annual Meeting Reception (ASTMH) hosted by Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases. - PAHO Director remarks »

3 December, Medicine Day in the Americas
[Americas, PAHO HQ. 3 Dec 2011.]
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) today observes Medicine Day in the Americas in memory of Dr. Carlos Finlay, Cuban physician that discovered the role of the mosquito in the transmission of yellow fever. Dr. Finlay (1833-1915) 178 years is celebrated today. PAHO express it recognition to an illustrious personality and world Public Health worker.
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PAHO Marks 109th Anniversary
[Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. 2 Dec 2011.]
December 2, 2011, marks the 109th anniversary of the founding of what is today known as the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). In the 109 years since, the Region of the Americas has led the world in eliminating such major diseases as smallpox, polio, measles, rubella and congenital rubella syndrome. Life expectancy has expanded by nearly three decades—from 50 to 79—while infant and maternal mortality have improved dramatically. Health gaps between rich and poor have diminished, and access to safe water and sanitation have improved for both rural and urban populations. Pan American cooperation has been a key driver of this and other progress in health.
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PAHO: Integration and Sustainability of the Response to HIV from a Public Health Approach
[UN. New York. 01 Dec 2011.]
World AIDS Day 2011. 30th Anniversary of AIDS' world first case. [In Spanish] A 30 años del inicio de la epidemia de SIDA, los países de las Américas han progresado en la prevención y en el tratamiento del VIH, pero todavía les resta avanzar sobre desafíos cruciales para cerrar la brecha y revertir la epidemia. Los retos para la Región son la integración y sostenibilidad de la respuesta al VIH desde un enfoque de Salud Pública. Los esfuerzos de los países enfrentan dificultades por el estigma y la discriminación muchas veces desencadenados por normativas y prácticas o acciones de la sociedad que resultan en lamentables actos de violencia sobre las poblaciones más vulnerables.
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Countries of the Americas Advance toward Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Syphilis

PAHO and the Government of Spain Seek Closer Cooperation in the Coming Years
[Spain. 13-20 Oct 2011.]
During a visit to Spain, the Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), Dr. Mirta Roses, held several meetings with government officials of that country, in the context of health cooperation in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Spain's Ministry of Health and PAHO Signed an Agreement to Improve the Training of Residents in Specialties in Health Sciences

PAHO: Renewing our commitments to strengthening integration and multilateral actions in public health
[Panama.6-7 October 2011.]
[In Spanish] (RESSCAD 2011)Financiamiento de los Sistemas de Salud: El Camino hacia la Cobertura Universal. La XXVII Reunión del Sector Salud de Centroamérica y República Dominicana, foro sectorial que promueve el intercambio y desarrollo de experiencias y conocimientos sobre problemas comunes de salud se efectúa en Panamá esta semana con la participación de las máximas autoridades de salud de los países bajo la secretaría técnica de la OPS representada por la Directora (OPS/OMS).
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Autoridades de salud firman acuerdos para fortalecer la salud en la subregión

Hemisphere's Main Forum for Regional Policy Making on Public Health
[Washington DC. 26-30 Sep 2011.]
The 51st Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) will met at the headquarters of the Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) to review and discuss several initiatives, strategies and resolutions that should be endorsed by the Ministers of Health of the Americas during this annual meeting.
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UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs
[New York, NY. 19-20 Sep 2011.]
Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like heart disease and stroke, diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease kill 36 million people every year . This need not happen. World leaders met to address the problem at the United Nations in New York in September 2011.
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PAHO and Ricardo Montaner work together to advocate for the protection of children with special abilities
[Homestead, Miami. 27 Aug 2011.]
A commission from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) visited La Ventana, an institution created by singer-songwriter and Health Champion Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene to work jointly in advocating for protection of the rights of children and adolescents with special abilities and promoting areas that facilitate their full and comprehensive development.
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PAHO Director Calls for Urgent Action to Integrate and Enhance Resources and Partnerships to Eliminate Neglected Diseases in the Americas
[Cordoba. Argentina. 11-14 Aug 2011.]
The current situation in the Americas for neglected infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance and its impact on clinical practice dermatologist, were topics addressed by the Director of the Organization (PAHO/WHO), Dr. Mirta Roses during her participation in the XX Argentine Congress of Dermatology, sponsored by PAHO, which reviews the most current and relevant interest in the practice of dermatology. [in Spanish]
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PAHO: Supporting Breastfeeding is Everyone’s Responsibility
[Washington, DC. 1 Aug 2011.]
World Breastfeeding Week 2011 “We need to reverse these trends by creating supportive environments for breastfeeding,” said PAHO Director, Dr. Mirta Roses. “Breastfeeding is the safest, healthiest and most natural way to feed a baby, yet breastfeeding tends to be hidden in homes and outside of public view.”
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PAHO/WHO Warns of Growing Health Toll of Hepatitis
[Washington, DC. 28 Jul 2011.]
Action needed to improve prevention, surveillance, diagnosis and treatment “Today, on World Hepatitis Day, we join WHO and the World Hepatitis Alliance in calling attention to the enormous toll of viral hepatitis,” said Dr Roses, PAHO’s Director. “We hope that together we can stir a sense of urgency and commitment across all levels of society, from the health system to the communities they serve.”
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PAHO, Seventh-day Adventists Partner to Strengthen Health Efforts in the Americas
[Washington, DC. 26 Jul 2011.]
Mirta Roses, Director of PAHO/WHO, and Ted Wilson, President of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, met at the Church’s world headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, to form a unique partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding that strengthens and improves health initiatives in the Americas.
“Basing health systems on primary health care is the best approach for producing sustained and equitable improvement in the health of the peoples of the Americas,” said PAHO Director Mirta Roses.
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PAHO, UNICEF Join Forces to Improve Maternal and Child health in the Americas
[Washington, DC. 29 Jun 2011.]
The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and UNICEF agreed to work together in the countries of the Americas to reduce maternal and child mortality and improve the health of mothers and children.
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Organismo Andino de Salud (OAS) visits PAHO/WHO in Washington DC
[Washington, DC. 28 Jun 2011.]
With 40 years of existence, the "Organismo Andino de Salud (OAS)" works to ensure that health remains a strategic point of union and labor for the countries that comprise it, and to advance specific health policies, said its Executive Secretary, Dr. Caroline Chang, this June 28 at a presentation at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), in Washington, DC. [In Spanish]
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Quebec Health System Benefits from “Lean Management”
[Washington, DC. 27 Jun 2011.]
Quebec’s health system has become the lowest-cost provincial health system in Canada while still maintaining health indicators that are among the country’s best, thanks to the adoption of more efficient management practices, said Yves Bolduc, Minister of Health and Social Services of Quebec, in a presentation this week at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington, D.C.
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PAHO and the National Agency of Health Surveillance (ANVISA) of Brazil strengthen cooperation strategies
[Washington, DC. 27 Jun 2011.]
[In Spanish] La Directora de la OPS, Dra. Mirta Roses Periago recibió al Director de ANVISA, Dr. Dirceu Barbano para analizar importantes aspectos de la cooperación que mantiene la OPS con ANVISA. Se trataron, entre otros, temas como las regulaciones sobre medicamentos biológicos y terapias celulares, la vigilancia sanitaria internacional, la calidad en la atención y seguridad del paciente.
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148th Session of the PAHO/WHO Executive Committee
[Washington, DC. 20-24 Jun 2011.]
The 148th session of the Executive Committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) meet at the headquarters of the Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) to review and discuss several initiatives that will be endorsed in September by all of the Ministers of Health of the Americas at the annual meeting of the Directing Council.
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PAHO/WHO Executive Committee began its deliberations in Washington, DC.
PAHO/WHO Executive Committee concluded today its sessions
Executive Committee of PAHO/WHO concludes its deliberations in Washington, DC.
PAHO Director's Briefing Session to OAS Permanent Council
Briefing session on PAHO’s Executive Committee Meeting to the Ambassadors to the Organization of American States (OAS) and other PAHO Members States. Dr. Mirta Roses, director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (PASB) presents currently health, administrative, financial and technical issues under discussion for the next session of the Executive Committee, as the Health Specialized Agency of the Inter-American System.
- PAHO Director briefing presentation to OAS Ambassador Permanent Council [PPT] »
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PAHO at the Global Health Council Annual Conference 2011
[Washington, DC. 13-17 Jun 2011.]
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the leading agency in public health for the Americas of the World Health Organization participated in the Global Health Council the Annual Conference 2011, the world's largest membership alliance dedicated to saving lives by improving health throughout the world.
PAHO main presentations were related to: Addressing the policy implications of drug resistance, Stop TB Partnership, Situation Analysis of Cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean, Health in the 'green' economy: leveraging big gains for chronic disease prevention at no cost to health systems, The importance of nutrition, obesity and physical activity in maternal and child health, Multisectoral linkages in the context of addressing non-communicable and chronic diseases, Leveraging wireless technologies to improve health information flows, Policy track: the road to the High Level Meeting on NCDs, Bridging policy and practice: balancing high-level meetings and individual health needs.
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UN Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases is the Next Challenge, Experts Agreed at Global Health Council Conference
[Washington, DC. Global Health Council. 17 Jun 2011.]
Closing the 38th Annual Conference of the Global Health Council, Dr. Mirta Roses—co-chair of this year's event—analyzed and discussed the challenges that lie ahead. She and other experts agreed that the upcoming UN High Level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases presents an opportunity to raise awareness of this importance issue and to mobilize action to address it. [In Spanish]
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Addressing the problem of chronic noncommunicable diseases requires action from multiple sectors
[Washington, DC. Global Health Council. 16 Jun 2011.]
Globally, never in the history of Public Health has the burden of disease been dominated by NCDs and Injuries as it is now, addressing such burden of disease depends on our ability to mobilize other actions of the society for health. [In Spanish]
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Obesity Prevention Approaches Should Encompass Entire Life Course and be Multisectoral
[Washington, DC. Global Health Council. 15 Jun 2011.]
Adopting approaches to prevent obesity throughout the life course and involve other sectors besides health in taking these measures, are some of the points experts agreed on today during the Global Health Council. [In Spanish]
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CARPHA Partners Meet at PAHO/WHO
[Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. 13 Jun 2011.]
The new Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) held its second annual international partners meeting today at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). Participants discussed progress in establishing the new agency as the single public health body responsible for carrying out regional and international health and development mandates in the Caribbean.
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PAHO Director: Safeguarding the Principle of Universal Coverage is an Ethical Commitment of PAHO
[Medellín, Colombia. 3 Jun 2011.]
Current trends in health policy in the Americas, along with their development in the broader context of social policy and development objectives, was the focus of remarks by Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Dr. Mirta Roses at the 7th International Health Congress, held June 1-4 in Medellin, Colombia. Dr. Roses also discussed the need to redefine and integrate different health agendas, including public safety, the green economy, social justice, philanthropy, and health diplomacy. (In Spanish) Read more »
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Colombia - PAHO Director's Official Visit
PAHO Director reviews relevant health issues of the PAHO technical cooperation with the country's goverment and health authorities.

[Bogota, Colombia. 1-4 Jun 2011.]
The Director of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, Dr. Mirta Roses, makes an official visit to Colombia this week and meets with governments and health authorities. During her visit, Dr. Roses participates in the launch of the National Initiative to Develop Human Talent in Primary Care and Integrated Health Networks; and she will also sign, with Minister of Social Protection Dr. Mauricio Santamaría, the latest PAHO-Colombia Cooperation Strategy, which sets priorities for 2011 to 2014.
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U.S. Pre-Launch of First World Summit of African Descendants
[Washington, DC. 26 May 2011.]
The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) today hosted an event announcing the upcoming First World Summit of African Descendants, which will take place on August 18- 21 in La Ceiba, Honduras. This International Year of African Descendants provides an opportunity to right historical wrongs: in health, education, poverty, land rights, jobs, and financial credit for economic and social progress," said PAHO Director Mirta Roses.
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Two Institutions of the Region Awarded During the 64th World Health Assembly
[Geneva, Switzerland. 19 May 2011.]
Two institutions of the Americas were honored during the fourth day of meetings in the World Health Assembly. The "Fraternity Small Family of Mary" of the Republic of Panama received the Sasakawa Health Prize, while the Institute Clodomiro Picado of Costa Rica was granted the Award of Public Health in memory of Dr LEE Jong-wook.
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PAHO Director on the Anniversary of the Death of Arturo Romero
[Washington, DC. 19 May 2011.]
On this first anniversary of the death of our dear friend, the exceptional Colombian epidemiologist Arturo Romero, we remember him for his legacy and his work in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). [PAHO Director's letter]
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AMRO's Delegation to the 64th World Health Assembly
[Washington, DC. 16-24 May 2011.]
Dr. Mirta Roses, WHO/AMRO Regional Director leads the organization's delegation to the 64th World Health Assembly where 2700 delegates and officials from 193 Member States are participating this week to discuss among others current relevant global public health issues. The delegation of the WHO's Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO) fulfills an intensive agenda of work which address some of the main health issues and public health policies in focus for the institution as the health agency for the Americas.
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World Health Assembly Opened Today in Geneva
Noncommunicable diseases are discussed in technical meeting of 64th World Health Assembly
In the 64th World Health Assembly Vaccination and Development at the Heart of the Agenda
Historical agreements at the Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly [WHO-DG closing]

PAHO Notes Progress in Efforts to Restrict Marketing of Infant Formula in Latin America
[Washington, DC. 16 May 2011.]
[In Spanish] En un nuevo informe se examinan 30 años de acción para poner en práctica el Código Internacional de Comercialización de Sucedáneos de la Leche Materna. “No basta que un país se suscriba al Código”, afirmó la doctora Mirta Roses, Directora de la OPS. “Los países tienen que aprobar leyes y reglamentos basados en las disposiciones del Código y vigilar el cumplimiento e imponer sanciones a cualquier infractor.”
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The death of our friend and colleague Hugo Behm Rosas
[Washington, DC. 13 May 2011.]
[In Spanish] “Con profundo y hondo dolor he recibido la noticia de la muerte del brillante epidemiólogo y demógrafo, Hugo Behm Rosas, el jueves 28 de abril, en la capital de San José de Costa Rica a los 98 años. En nombre de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud/Organización Mundial de la Salud y en mi nombre también, quisiera hacerle llegar a su familia nuestro más sentido pésame.
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PAHO Director Thanks American Red Cross for Blood Support after Haiti Earthquake
[Washington, D.C. 10 May 2011.]
The Director of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), Dr. Mirta Roses, thanked the American Red Cross for its support in maintaining supplies of blood for transfusions in Haiti after the earthquake that devastated the country in January 2010.
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PAHO Countries Join Global Effort to Stop Road Deaths and Injuries
[Washington, D.C. 10 May 2011.]
U.N.-declared "Decade of Action for Road Safety" seeks to save millions of lives worldwide. Countries throughout the Americas are signing on to a worldwide effort to save lives and reduce injuries from traffic incidents, as they launch the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 this week
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Death of Dr. Gustavo Kourí Flores, an indefatigable scientist
[Washington, DC. 5 May 2011.]
On behalf of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization and myself, I wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and colleagues. For more than three decades Dr. Kourí was at the helm of the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine, from which he recently received the honorary title of Founding Director. Since 1968 he served as Deputy Director of Research at the National Scientific Research Center (CENIC) and held various positions in the sphere of public health, linked also with scientific research. He was the author of over 200 articles and two books. Dengue was the main subject of his work and research.
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Death of Dr. Carlos Tejada
[Washington, DC. 3 May 2011.]
On behalf of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization and myself, I wish to express our heartfelt condolences to his family and colleagues at INCAP. Dr. Tejada served as Director of the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) from 1975 to 1980. Prior to that (1969-1974) he had been at the helm of INCAP’S Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food Sciences (CESNA).
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PAHO's Director Participates in Vaccination Week Launch in Brazil
[Manaus, Brazil. 30 April 2011.]
The city of Manaus, capital of the Amazonas state, was chosen to highlight the importance of vaccination in indigenous communities and other at-risk populations in the Amazon Basin.
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Dr. Chan calls for a “different kind of fight” to avert chronic disease disaster
[Moscow. 28 April 2011.]
Changing the unhealthy lifestyles that fuel the growing epidemic of noncommunicable diseases-such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes-requires action beyond the health sector, said Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) today, speaking in Moscow at the opening of the first global ministerial conference on healthy lifestyles and NCD control.
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In Moscow, Health Ministers Pledge Stronger Action on Chronic Diseases

Laying the Foundation for a Latin American Decade
[Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 28-29 April 2011.]
World Economic Forum on Latin America 2011. PAHO Director, Dr Mirta Roses participed at the WEF on Latin America 2011 and followed an intense agenda of activities with local government and health authorities about common health issues of interest taking the opportunity to her visit to Brazil.
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IX Vaccination Week in the Americas
"Todos unidos por la salud y la vida"

[Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. 23-30 April 2011.]
[In Spanish]
"La Organización Panamericana de la Salud asegurando el derecho a la prevención mediante la vacunación en las Américas."
Artículo de la Directora de la OPS en saludo a la celebración de la Semana de Vacunación en las Américas publicado en medios de comunicación de la región.
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Vaccination Week in the Americas: the greater multicountry effort of health of the American hemisphere
[Bolivia-Peru Border. 26 April 2011.]
PAHO Director at the launching of VWA 2011.
[In Spanish] “La vacunación es un derecho de toda la familia y una herramienta esencial en la prevención de muchas enfermedades devastadoras. A lo largo de sus 9 años de historia en la Región de las Américas, la Semana de Vacunación se ha convertido en una iniciativa clave para subrayar la extraordinaria importancia de la vacunación para la salud pública”
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Video on YouTube »

Vaccination Week is the celebration of health and live through prevention
[La Paz, Bolivia. 26 April 2011.]
PAHO Director at the press conference at La Paz, Bolivia during the launching of Vaccination Week in the Americas. [In Spanish]
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PAHO Director and WHO-DG messages on Vaccination Week in the Americas
[Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. 23-30 April 2011.]
Vaccination Week in the Americas (VWA) is an extraordinary effort led by the countries and territories of the Region to advance equity and access to vaccination.
Vaccination week in the Americas 2011
Semana de Vacunación en las Américas 2011
Semana de Vacinaçåo nas Américas 2011
Semaine de la Vaccination aux Amériques 2011
Message from WHO Director-General on Vaccination Week

Briefing video on PAHO Director official visit to Uruguay
[Montevideo, Uruguay. 6-9 April 2011.]
[In Spanish] Videoreportaje de la visita oficial de la Directora de la OPS, Dra. Mirta Roses a Uruguay, 6-9 de abril de 2011.
Video on You Tube »

PAHO Director alerts on changes needed to better respond to current current health systems challenges
[Montevideo, Uruguay. 11 April 2011.]
[In Spanish] Mirta Roses en entrevista con "El Observador", Uruguay alerta sobre la necesidad de la reforma de los sistemas y servicios de salud para asistir eficientemente a una población cuya expectativa de vida ha aumentado considerablemente. La Directora de la OPS conversó con el diario El Observador de Uruguay como parte de su visita oficial al país donde se revisaron entre otros temas, el avance y los desafíos de la reforma de la salud, la migración de los profesionales, y la adaptación del mundo a una población que cada vez vive más años.
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Directora de OPS lanza el acto oficial regional por el Día Mundial de la Salud 2011 desde Uruguay
[Montevideo, Uruguay. 7 April 2011.]
La Directora de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), Dra. Mirta Roses junto al Ministerio de Salud Pública de Uruguay hacen un llamado a la responsabilidad de usuarios, médicos y laboratorios en el recurso a los antibióticos. Malas praxis han determinado una pérdida de eficacia de esos medicamentos, advirtieron. El tema fue centro de un mensaje dirigido por la Dra. Roses desde la Torre Ejecutiva de Montevideo hacia el continente, durante la celebración del Día Mundial de la Salud 2011.
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PAHO Director meets President of Uruguay Jose Mujica in official visit to the country
[Washington DC. PAHO HQ. 6 April 2011.]
The Director of the Pan American Health Organization PAHO/WHO, Mirta Roses, welcomed the health reform undertaken by the Uruguayan government and the country's progress in this area, especially the reduction of maternal-mortality. Dr. Roses met Wednesday with Uruguay's president, Jose Mujica in his office at the Executive Tower during her official visit to the country. (in Spanish)
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PAHO: Strengthening Strategies and Actions to reduce in a fifth Cardiovascular Diseases in the Americas
[Washington DC. PAHO HQ. 25 March 2011.]
Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of disability and premature death throughout the world, and contributes substantially to the escalating costs of health care. The underlying pathology is atherosclerosis, which develops over many years and is usually advanced by the time symptoms occur, generally in middle age. Director's article.
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PAHO Director Expresses Condolences to Japan
[Washington DC. PAHO HQ. 11 March 2011.]
The director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Mirta Roses, expressed her “deepest condolences for the loss of lives due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that have struck” Japan and pledged solidarity with the Japanese people at this time of suffering.
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International Women’s Day: a gender perspective on AIDS
[Washington DC. PAHO HQ. 8 March 2011.]
BLOG's article from the Director. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to review how much society has advanced when it comes to gender equality and to examine with a critical eye the worrisome trends that remind us of the many issues still pending. This year is especially meaningful, since we are marking the 100th international observance of this day commemorating women’s valiant struggle for the recognition of their rights.
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Trinidad & Tobago - Director's Official Visit
[Trinidad & Tobago. 28 Feb - 4 Mar 2011.]
Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, Director, PAHO/WHO and Dr. Bernadette Theodore-Gandi, PAHO/WHO, Representative for Trinidad and Tobago met his Excellency President George Maxwell
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Regional High-Level Consultation of the Americas on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Obesity
[Mexico City, Mexico. 23-25 February 2011. ]
Ministers of health and other high-level health officials from throughout the Americas called for a series of actions to reduce the toll of chronic noncommunicable diseases, in a declaration issued in Mexico City.
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El Salvador - Director's official visit
[San Salvador, El Salvador. 14-18 Feb 2011.]
[In Spanish] La Directora de OPS/OMS, Dra. Mirta Roses; acompañada por la Ministra de Salud, Dra. María Isabel Rodríguez visitó varios centros de salud durante su visita a El Salvador con motivo de su participación en la reunión subregional de gerentes de la OPS.
- Villa Centenario OPS, 10 Years After the El Salvador Earthquakes [In Spanish]
- Ministry of Health relies on PAHO's cooperation for health reform [In Spanish]
Media Publication in Spanish:
- El nuevo sistema de Salud está bajo la lupa de la OPS

Smoke-free environments reduce in seven points tobacco consumption
[Santiago, Chile. 11 Feb 2011.]
Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in official visit to Chile is interviewed by La Tercera. During her official visit to the country, Dr Mirta Roses fulfilled an intense agenda of activities, she had the opportunity to meet with governmental and health authorities, as well as review the results of the last National Health Survey and other important subjects of the PAHO technical cooperation with the country.
Read more in Spanish » / - Interview published by La Tercera

Chile - Director's official visit
PAHO Director Visit to Chile reviews relevant health issues of PAHO technical cooperation with the country
[Santiago de Chile, Chile. 8-11 Feb 2011.]
Dr Mirta Roses takes advantage of her visit to Chile to participate in the Meeting of the Regional Coordination Mechanism (RCM) for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Meeting of the United Nations Regional Directors (UNDG LAC) to review important health subjects and the PAHO technical cooperation with the country.
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Reducing Poverty is Key to Face Neglected Diseases
[Academia Nacional de Medicina, Argentina. 9 Feb 2011.]
[In Spanish] La directora de la OPS/OMS, Mirta Roses, consideró que para prevenir y erradicar las enfermedades desatendidas en América latina y el Caribe es necesario abordar los problemas de salud desde los determinantes sociales y ambientales. Reducir la pobreza es clave para enfrentar estas patologías, afirmó durante las jornadas de lanzamiento del Instituto Nacional de Medicina Tropical de Argentina.
- Director's speech in Spanish » / - Presentación »
- PAHO Argentina news in Spanish »
Media Publication in Spanish:
- Enfermedades tropicales son agenda inconclusa en la región
- Enfermedades tropicales: “La idea de globalización se aplica también a amenazas a la salud pública”

UN Advancing Together: Gender Equality in Health in the Americas
[CEPAL-ECLAC. Santiago, Chile. 8-9 Feb 2011.]
UN WOMEN: A new opportunity for strengthenening gender equality. Gender equality, Cultural Diversity, and Human Rights Count. PAHO Director's presentation at the Regional Coordination Mechanism (RCM) Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean in ECLAC-CEPAL (UNDG), during the session "Strengthening the regional cohesion in gender."
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International Health Response to HAITI
[Geneva, Switzerland. 19 Jan 2011.]
PAHO Director Dr. Mirta Roses will deliver a briefing session about the perspectives from PAHO/WHO of the International Health Response to HAITI during the celebration of the 128th WHO EB session. Dr. Roses will be highlighting important issues related to the International Health Response after one year of the devastating earthquake and 3 months later of the cholera outbreak in Haiti.
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Haiti, One Year After the Earthquake
[Washington, DC. 12 Jan 2011.]
Message from Dr Mirta Roses, director of the Pan American Health Organization, on the occasion of the first year of the Haiti 2010 earthquake. "This week marks one year since Haiti's January 12, 2010, earthquake. I would like to take a moment to once again express my solidarity with the people of Haiti. The tragic losses of the Haitian people as a result of the earthquake have deeply moved all nations of the world. We at PAHO once again want to express our sincere sympathy over this tragic event."
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PAHO Director: Haiti's Health Workers Were "Heroes" in 2010 »
2010: A Year of Health Challenges for Haiti »

Universal coverage to health systems and services, the key to improve health, human security and fight inequities
[Washington, DC. 5 Jan 2011.]
Cuba reports lowest infant mortality rate ever in the history of Cuban's health system in 2010. Cuba, a Member State of the Pan American Health Organization, which Health System is based in Primary Health Care Strategic with universal coverage to health services as a main policy, arrived to 2011 with a 4.5% infant mortality rate per 1,000 live births, the lowest ever registered in the country history as the Americas' nation that has achieved the lowest infant mortality rate. [In Spanish]
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Media Publications 2010
Foremost thought leaders aim for solutions at the Summit of the WEF’s Global Agenda 2010
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2010.]
The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) third Summit on the Global Agenda has opened, with over 600 of the foremost global experts from business, government, academia and civil society working together to address the key issues on the global, regional and industry agendas. PAHO Director, Dr. Mirta Roses is the chair of the Global Agenda Council (GAC) on Chronic Diseases and Wellbeing for 2010-2011.
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Water and Sanitation for All: Renewing PAHO’s commitments
[Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 5-10 Nov 2010. AIDIS Congress.]
PAHO’s renewed commitment to its technical cooperation with Member States on water for human consumption and sanitation in order to accomplish the “unfinished agenda” in our Region was the message of Dr. Roses at the XXXII Congress of the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.
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Chronic diseases, the biggest killer
[Media Article. 10 Oct 2010.]
There is a strong association between Chronic Non-communicable Diseases (CNCDs) and poverty. 'Sixty-two per cent (3.2 million) of the 5.2 million deaths reported in the region of the Americas in 2004 were due to chronic diseases - mainly cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes - exceeding the worldwide average of 60.2 per cent.' PAHO Director's article published in several media communications in the Americas' region.
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Mental health is an essential and inseparable component of health
[Panama. 7-8 Oct 2010. Regional Mental Health Conference.]
"It is estimated that one of every four people will suffer a mental disorder throughout his life, and that one of every four families has at least one member affected by one or more mental disorders." Director of the Pan American Health Organization at the ‘Regional Mental Health Conference' underscores the importance of carrying out a balance among the good practices, the reached achievements, and the obstacles and barriers that still exist in this priority health topic. [In Spanish]
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Institutional Partnership: a Significant Added Value in Tackling Global Health Problems
[Philadelphia, USA. 4 Oct 2010. University of the Sciences.]
During a conference of the "Lois K. Cohen Endowed Lecture Series in Global Health" at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PAHO Director Dr. Mirta Roses underlined the role of institutional partnerships to achieve great synergies to solve complex public health problems. Citing the global response in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, Dr. Roses discussed advancements and new challenges in improving global health systems and services and the value of institutional partnerships.
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30 Aniversario de la Erradicación de la Viruela en las Américas
[Washington, DC. 28 Sep 2010. PAHO Directing Council.]
El legado de la erradicación de la viruela y la importancia del Fondo Rotatorio para la adquisición de vacunas de la OPS en la eliminación de enfermedades prevenibles por vacunación. Discurso de la directora en la celebración del 30 Aniversario de la Erradicación de la Viruela en las Américas.
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PAHO/PAHEF Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health
[OAS. Washington, DC. 27 Sep 2010. PAHO Directing Council.]
PAHO Director Remarks at the joint awards dinner. Innovative public health leaders whose work has improved health in the Americas were honored with the “PAHO/PAHEF Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health” before an audience of ambassadors, ministers of health, U.S. government officials, and top-level company executives. The awards are cosponsored by the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).
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Hacia una Maternidad Segura para todas las mujeres de las Américas
[OAS. Washington, DC. 27 Sep 2010. PAHO Directing Council.]
"La Iniciativa Maternidad Segura es un llamamiento a los países de las Américas para que redoblen sus esfuerzos para el logro del Objetivo de Desarrollo del Milenio 5: Reducir en tres cuartas partes, entre 1990 y 2015, la mortalidad materna, y lograr, para 2015, el acceso universal a la salud reproductiva. El objetivo de esta iniciativa es promover y proteger el derecho al disfrute del más alto nivel posible de salud de mujeres, madres y recién nacidos".
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Combatir la desigualdad es una prioridad esencial de nuestro trabajo
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 27 Sep 2010. PAHO Directing Council.]
Discurso Inaugural de la Directora. En la apertura del 50º Consejo Directivo de la OPS, la Directora de la OPS, Mirta Roses, dio la bienvenida a los delegados de los Estados Miembros y destacó la importancia de la cooperación panamericana en materia de salud, y la articulación de esfuerzos a nivel regional, nacional y la comunidad, poniendo especial acento en la reducción de la desigualdad y sus negativos efectos sobre la salud pública.
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PAHO Director Annual Report 2010
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 27 Sep 2010. PAHO Directing Council.]
"Promoting health, well-being, and human security in the Americas". PAHO Director, Dr. Mirta Roses presents the Annual Report 2010 to the Ministers of Health and other national health authorities of PAHO Member States during the celebration of the PAHO's 50th Directing Council. [Spanish version]
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Social Inequalities: A Barrier to Exercising the Right to Health
[NIH. Washington DC. 16 Sep 2010.]
The Americas: A Region of Extremes. PAHO Director's presentation at the National Institute of Health (NIH) Health Disparities Seminar Series, where she addressed the most relevant social inequalities in the Region as a barrier to exercising the right to health and the PAHO’s role to tackle some of these health inequities making them visible, going beyond national averages, strengthening health information systems and empowering the most unfavored.
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A Human Rights-based Approach to HIV Prevention. AIDS 2010
[Vienna, Austria. 18 Jul 2010. HIV/AIDS Conference.]
A human rights-based approach to mitigating the extent and effects of the AIDS epidemic, and promoting universal access to HIV services is critical. Although there has been notable progress in many areas, punitive laws, policies, practices, stigma and discrimination continue to undermine the achievement of universal access targets including access to prevention for those who need it and the MDGs related to the right to health.
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Infanta Cristina of Spain's Visit Seeks to Strengthen Institutional Links and Work Between Spain and PAHO
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 8 Jul 2010.]
HRH Infanta Cristina of Spain met with PAHO's Director Dr. Mirta Roses, accompanied by the Hon. Mr. Javier Sancho Velasquez, Ambassador of Spain to the OAS. The strategic vision of health in the Americas, the development of international cooperation between Spain and PAHO, progress on the UN Millennium Development Goals, the impact on health of the economic crisis were among the key themes discussed. (in Spanish)
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Harvard College Global Health Review Interviews PAHO Director
[Edition Spring 2010.]
"There are several successful experiences of implementing Primary Health Care based health systems in the Americas. Some of the most consolidated experiences can be found in countries such as Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba and Chile. They all have universal coverage and access to health care, and the ability to pay for services is not a barrier to accessing care."
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PAHO-Colgate Agreement on Community-based Interventions
[PAHO HQ. Washington DC. 28 Jun 2010.]
PAHO Director opening remarks appeal to work together to promote oral health in Latin America and the Caribbean while signs a new partnership agreement between the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and Colgate-Palmolive Company that will support PAHO's Caries Free Communities Initiative (CFCI), a community-based program.
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PAHO Partners with Colgate-Palmolive to Advance Oral Health in Latin America and the Caribbean
[PAHO HQ. Washington DC. 28 Jun 2010.]
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and Colgate-Palmolive Company signed an agreement today to work together to promote oral health in Latin America and the Caribbean. The new partnership will support PAHO's Caries Free Communities Initiative (CFCI), a community-based program.
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Strengthening Health Sciences Education play an important role for the formation of values and positive transformation of health care services
[PAHO HQ. Washington DC, 28 Jun 2010.]
PAHO-AFRO-WHO Inter-Regional Cooperation Initiative. WHO/AMRO (PAHO), WHO/AFRO and WHO/HQ work to strengthening health sciences education in the African Region, an inter-regional initiative of technical cooperation that assess the feasibility of establishing a textbook and instructional materials program based on the experience of the PALTEX program in the Americas Region.
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AMRO-AFRO-WHO Inter-Regional Cooperation Initiative: Strengthening Health Sciences Education
[PAHO HQ. Washington DC, 28 Jun 2010.]
Workshop that aims to present PALTEX program experience to WHO/HQ and WHO/AFRO, discussing the education situation in the African Region, agreeing on the lines of work, collaboration and concept paper, and defining the next steps to strengthening health sciences education in Africa through textbooks and educational materials.
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146th Session of the Executive Committee of PAHO: Reviewing relevant public health issues for the Americas Region
[PAHO HQ. Washington DC, 21-25 Jun 2010.]
PAHO is discussing more than 15 important health strategies, plans and resolutions to improve public health in the Region. Public health strategies in which PAHO plays a leadership role along with the countries' Ministries of Health to improve the health of the people of the Americas.
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PAHO presentation to OAS Permanent Council
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 18 Jun 2010.]
Briefing session on PAHO’s Executive Committee Meeting to the Ambassadors to the Organization of American States (OAS) and other PAHO Members States. Dr. Mirta Roses, director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (PASB) presents currently health, administrative, financial and technical issues under discussion for the next session of the Executive Committee, as the Health Specialized Agency of the Inter-American System.
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PAHO Mobilizes US$ 15 Million for Health Activities in Chile After Earthquake
[Santiago, Chile. 7-8 Jun 2010.]
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) mobilized US$ 15 million dollars to support public health efforts following the earthquake that struck central and southern Chile on 27 February. In an official ceremony the Director of PAHO, Mirta Roses delivered a mobile vaccination unit to the country's Health Minister, Jaime Mañalich, as part of PAHO cooperation activities with Chile. The vehicle will carry vaccines to remote areas and strengthen immunization campaigns. (in Spanish)
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AMRO Delegation to the 63rd World Health Assembly
[Geneva, Switzerland. 17-21 May 2010.]
Dr. Mirta Roses, WHO/AMRO Regional Director leads the organization's delegation to the 63rd World Health Assembly where up to 3000 delegates from 193 nations are participating this week to discuss among others relevant global public health issues. The delegation of the WHO's Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO) fulfills an intensive agenda of work which address some of the main health issues and public health policies currently in focus for the institution as the health agency for the Americas.
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PAHO Director BLOG named as a top 50 International Health Care Blog
[Washington, DC. 12 May 2010.]
PAHO Director BLOG was selected as one of the top 50 International Health Care and Nursing Blog. Since its launching more than 45 health issues have been addressed throughout the posts published, with focus in the production and dissemination of relevant health information for the Americas about the most pressing health subjects for our region in the struggle to improve the quality of the health systems and services of the Member States of the Pan American Health Organization.
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Grand Celebration of Health in the Americas
[24 Apr - 1 May 2010.]
Vaccination Week in the Americas (VWA) 2010, a week of the grand celebration of health in the Hemisphere in which every single country and territory in the Americas and tens of thousands of health workers and volunteers join forces to benefit 42 million children and adults.
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Vaccination Week in the Americas 2010. "Reaching Everyone"
[24 Apr - 1 May 2010.]
PAHO Director’s Message, 2010. "Over the last seven years, Vaccination Week in the Americas has proven to be a key and unparalleled opportunity to strengthen the Expanded Program on Immunization in the Region by focusing on equity, access to vaccination and Pan-Americanism."
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Counting Malaria Out: An Unwavering Commitment of the Americas
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 20 Apr 2010.]
PAHO Director meets Princess Astrid of Belgium, Special Representative of the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Initiative. On the occasion of the commemoration of World Malaria Day 2010, our Region was honored by the visit of Princess Astrid of Belgium, Special Representative of the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Initiative joined by Professor Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Executive Director of RBM Partnership and other dignitaries.
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PAHO and Caribbean countries working to strengthen subregional cooperation strategies
[Kingston, Jamaica. 12-16 Apr 2010.]
PAHO Director Meets with Jamaican Prime Minister. As part of an official visit to this country, which coincided with the holding of the Caribbean Sub-regional Managers’ Meeting, PAHO Director Dr. Mirta Roses Periago met with Jamaica’s Prime Minister, the Honorable Bruce Golding, at Jamaica House. Dr. Roses congratulated Jamaica on its work in the control of diseases such as malaria and restated the Organization’s commitment to assist with the Ministry of Health’s restructuring and the implementation of a health information policy that will inform decision-makers of how best to utilize resources.
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Women in Politics
[Georgetown University. Washington, D.C. 7 Apr 2010.]
Public health is a powerful tool to build a safer and durable world for all. "That is why I have devoted my entire career to public health; that is why pursuing a career in global health is so rich in personal fulfillment in spite of the occasional disappointments and all the limitations to be found; that is why more attention should be given to it both in policy and in politics." [ Director's Speech at Georgetown University, WDC. ]
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Urbanization and Health
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 7 APr 2010. World Health Day 2010.]
Today, over half of the world’s population lives in cities. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the percentage is even higher: more than three out of four people live in urban areas, making our Region the most urbanized region in the world. Between 1970 and 2010 urban population in the Region increased 187% while rural population increased 96% - 80% or approximately 477 million live in cities. For 2050, it is estimated that 683 million will be living in cities. "Urbanization and Health", impact of urban living on human health and the actions to take to make our cities better places to live.
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Rights and Reproductive Health of Women
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 6-7 Apr 2010. UNFPA/IPPF Women's Health Network on Reproductive Rights.]
[in Spanish] Acciones para fortalecer el sector de la salud y otros sectores en avanzar la salud sexual y reproductiva de las mujeres en las Américas en el contexto de sus derechos reproductivos. "Es crítico reforzar el rol central del sector salud para avanzar en los derechos y la salud reproductiva de las mujeres y adolescentes, sobre todo en la Región mas inequitativa del mundo, donde su falta afecta mas a nuestras mujeres pobres, rurales, indígenas, afrodescendientes y marginalizadas.
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By greater global equity in health
[PAHO. Washington DC. 23 Mar 2010.]
Leaders in International Health, Program 2010 (PLSI).
[In Spanish] Bajo el liderazgo y coordinación de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud da inicio el tercer año del PLSI "Edmundo Granda Ugalde 2010", esfuerzo conjunto de los países de las Américas para contribuir al desarrollo de líderes en salud internacional en la Región, fortaleciendo las capacidades en el desarrollo de los recursos humanos para comprender, actuar e influir sobre los determinantes internacionales de la salud y concertar acciones intersectoriales e internacionales a favor de la equidad en el acceso y cuidados de salud para los pueblos de las Américas.
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WHO Senior Policy-Makers Meet to Discuss Policy, Management and Strategy Issues
[Johannesburg. South Africa. 29-31 Mar 2010.]
WHO Director-General and the six Regional Directors which make up the Global Policy Group (GPG), meet this week in South Africa during their yearly 3-day retreat to review and discuss policy matters to improve and strengthen the performance of the World Health Organization.
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Major challenges facing regional health organizations and the people they serve
[Interview with IFPRI Forum. 23 Mar 2010.]
Dr. Mirta Roses Periago talks with the International Food Policy and Research Institute (IFPRI) Forum about the relationships between health, agriculture, and poverty in Latin America. During the interview PAHO’s Director dialogues about the four major challenges in public health today: Changes in health profiles and cumulative lags in health; Inequity in, or lack of, access to health services; Insufficient and inadequate distribution of public spending on health; and Health threats that arise in the context of globalization or from climate change.
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PAHO Director, special recognition at the celebration of the 2010 Medal to the Merit of Women
[Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 10 Mar 2010.]
The Ministry of Women of the Dominican Republic, in light of the celebration of International Women's Day, gave special recognition to Dr. Mirta Roses Periago during the ceremony to present the Medal to the Merit of Women 2010, an annual distinction given by the ministry to prominent women that have provided valuable contributions to the integral development of women, the struggle for gender equality, and to the social recognition of women’s labor and contribution to the enjoyment of equality and full democracy. [Note in Spanish version]
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Progress and Challenges in Gender Equity
[Article. International Women's Day. 8 Mar 2010.]
"In the Americas, women’s progress in education and access to the labor market has not been similarly accompanied by the exercise of their right to health. Gender-based inequalities continue to keep women from achieving the highest attainable level of health". Article of Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, PAHO Director published in several communications media in the Region in commemoration of the celebration of the International Women's Day.
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PAHO Director in Official Visit to Chile to Coordinate Response to Earthquake
[Chile. 3 Mar 2010.]
The Director of the Pan American Health Organization visited Chile to discuss details of PAHO’s response to the earthquake. Dr. Mirta Roses stated that "we are collaborating with Chile's emergency and response system, with the Minister of Health, guiding international cooperation, and channeling those countries that have more capacity to supply what Chile needs." (in Spanish)
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SRMM Centroamérica, México y Oficina Frontera EUA/MEX
[Mexico DF., Mexico. 14-18 Feb 2010.]
Se efectúa en México la 1ra. Reunión Subregional de Representantes y Directores de Centro de la OPS del año, encuentro anual de trabajo, análisis de la gestión y acciones futuras en el trabajo de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud en cada una de sus oficinas de país. Las reuniones subregionales tienen el objetivo de fortalecer la capacidad de gestión de la cooperación técnica de la OPS/OMS en las Oficinas de País y en el nivel Subregional, e incorporar la perspectiva de país y subregional en la formulación y gestión de las políticas regionales y globales del Secretariado, incluyendo la relación con otras agencias y actores, este encuentro reúne a los Representantes y Directores de Centro de los países involucrados en una semana de trabajo, donde se cuenta además con la participación de importantes autoridades de salud nacionales.
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Cuban Medical Personnel, the largest health contingency in Haiti
[PAHO HQ. Washington, DC. 18 Feb 2010.]
Cuba, one of the 36 Member States of the Region of the Americas that are part of the Pan American Health Organization and one of the seven founders of this centennial institution founded in 1902, currently has 1,439 physicians and other medical personnel working in Haiti, including hundreds of local Haitian doctors who received their medical training in Cuba making this group the largest health contingent on the ground in Haiti.
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PAHO Director and Spain Minister of Health strengthening partnerships and collaboration in support to Haiti
[New York. United Nations. 3-4 Feb 2010.]
The Director of the Pan American Health Organization and the Minister of Health and Social Protection of Spain met in New York to collaborate and coordinate actions in the assistance to Haiti after the earthquake. Mirta Roses, PAHO’s director held an important meeting with Trinidad Jimenez, Spain’s Minister of Health, during her recent visit to New York to attend the Committee of Economic and Social Development of ECOSOC at United Nations under the presidency of the European Union (UE). The assistance and collaboration to Haiti and the H1N1 Pandemic 2009 were the two main issues addressed.
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AMRO-AFRO Areas of Collaboration
[Washington, DC. 24 Feb 2010.]
World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Directors for Africa (AFRO) and for the Americas (AMRO) met to discuss areas of collaboration between the two regional WHO offices. In recent years, PAHO and AFRO have worked together in important areas which include health systems strengthening, human resources for health, and vaccine-preventable diseases. The African Health Observatory/ Core health data initiative, Virtual Health Campus, and HIV/AIDS will be other important areas of collaboration.
Dr. Sambo, AFRO Regional Director presentation at AMRO »

The impact of the crisis on a key social sector, HEALTH: new lines of action
[New York. 22 Feb 2010.]
Dr. Mirta Roses' presentation at the III Strategic Social Thinking Forum of Latin America, under the subject: "Toward an integrated and inclusive development in Latin America and the Caribbean." [only Spanish version available]
Presentación »

Special Report on PAHO's response to the Earthquake in HAITI
[Washington DC. 19 Jan 2010.]
Briefing by Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director and Director of the WHO Regional Office for the Americas, to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization. Dr. Roses reported on the Pan American Health Organization's response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti after the January 12 earthquake. PAHO leads the U.N. Health Cluster.
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Director's Newsletter Issue 2 - Haiti Special Edition »

PAHO/WHO Coordinating Regional Efforts to Assist Haiti after Earthquake
[Washington, DC. 14 Jan 2010.]
The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) is coordinating the mobilization of efforts to help health authorities in Haiti meet the basic health needs of their people in the aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake, through its country offices. All the countries in the Region have responded with great solidarity.
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Director's Newsletter Special Edition - Haiti »

Media Publications 2009-2006
PAHO, Humanitarian Clowns and Health Experts Join Forces, Using Art as a Bridge to Health and Development
Washington, D.C. - From 4 to 16 August, art becomes a bridge to health access for thousands of people in a remote and vulnerable community in Peru with the arrival of some 100 humanitarian clowns and international public health experts from 12 countries, as part of the Pan American Health Organization’s Faces, Voices and Places Initiative for the Millennium Development Goals.
PAHO VIDEO »Arte, Puente para la Salud (in Spanish)
Art and Health: together in the Belén Festival
PAHO Director, health promoters and humanitarian clowns will join Belén Festival in Peru
Humanitarian Clowns and Health Experts Join Forces, Using Art as a Bridge to Health and Development

Passionate for Primary Health Care (PHC)
May 15, 2009.- Interview with Dr. Roses in Safe Observer International Observatory. "I believe we need to have in place well-functioning health systems that are: Able to protect the population under any circumstances; Resistant and resilient in the face of crises; Capable of reacting rapidly and developing urgent strategies; Skilled at rebuilding themselves as necessary to respond to current and future challenges arising from demographic and epidemiological changes."
Interview » [PDF]
Safe Observer - Original Publication
Health Systems Based on Primary Health Care for Social Protection. [PAHO Website]

A H1N1 - An Outbreak Timeline
Science Magazine. 8 May 2009.- "I'm amazed at the capacity we have with the information and communication technologies," says epidemiologist Mirta Roses Periago, head of the Pan American Health Organization. "We used to do things with our hands and smelling and looking at the patients." During the past few weeks, she notes, scientists have rapidly shared sequences of the viruses, digital images of patient x-rays, and electron micrographs of the new H1N1.
"At this point in history, this is the best surveillance we've ever had," said Keiji Fukuda, one of WHO's assistant director generals.
Read more in Science Magazine »
PDF Article »

Washington, DC. PAHO. 7 April 2009.- Director's article published in several countries in the region (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Barbados, República Dominicana, Caribbean Net News, Bolivia, Nicaragua)
When a disaster strikes, our most immediate concern is to save lives, help the injured, and restore well-being to the affected communities. This cannot be accomplished without a vital element: our hospitals. However, more than half of them--that is, over 8,000 in Latin America and the Caribbean, are located in high-risk areas. If these health facilities cease their operations because of a disaster, the repercussions will be infinitely worse. This year, therefore, World Health Day underscored the need for safe hospitals.
World Health Day 2009, PAHO
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Improving Public Health by addressing the SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH
Asuncion, Paraguay. 16 February 2009.- SRMM-Subregional Managers' Meeting Andean Region and Southern Cone.
Director's Interview with IP Paraguay (Secretariat of Information and Communication for Development) during her official visit to Paraguay to participate in the PAHO's SRMM.
[only Spanish version] "... la formulación de políticas públicas que aborden el peso de los determinantes sociales para reducir las desigualdades que se encuentran en los resultados de salud de la población y también de manera importante en cómo llevar a que la salud esté integrada en todas las políticas públicas (de empleo, de inversión en infraestructura, en alfabetización universal, etc.) de modo que se pueda trabajar de manera concertada y teniendo en cuenta que el objetivo final es la calidad de vida de la población ... "
Entrevista/Interview »

PRIMARY HEALTH CARE is the solution to key health problems facing our communities today
Asuncion, Paraguay. 12 February 2009.- PAHO's Director during an exchange that she held with representatives of different community organizations of the Central department in Paraguay that stated their experiences concerning the shares carried out to promote a healthier space; during the Subregional Managers' Meeting of the Andean area and Southern Cone of PAHO. [PDF Only in Spanish version]
More in PDF;» 

PAHO promotes behavior change to combat DENGUE in the Region
Asuncion, Paraguay. 10 February 2009.- PAHO Director at a press conference during the PAHO Subregional Managers' Meeting of Southern Cone and Andean (SRMM).
[only in Spanish] “Creo que tenemos el conocimiento y la estrategia que funciona, pero todavía nos falta ese cambio de comportamiento. Tenemos que encontrar los caminos para hacer que la gente no entre en pánico ni alarma, ni trate de buscar al culpable afuera porque definitivamente el culpable está dentro, muchas veces, dentro de las casas”, sostuvo.
Director's Newsletter - SRMM
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Health Care Must NOT Replicate Social Inequalities
Washington, DC. October 20, 2008.- The renewal of primary health care (PHC) as a crucial tool for overcoming existing weaknesses ... Our region is an acknowledged leader in the fight to ensure that the integrated vision of health expressed in the primary health care strategy becomes a priority on the political agenda and in public health policy-making. We must continue this endeavor, so critical for achieving the greater goal of health for all, with all, and by all, at every level of action in health throughout the life cycle.
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"Public Health and the Financial Crisis
Spain. October 17, 2008.- Radio France International Interviews Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director, after the celebration of the Almaty Conference on the 30th Anniversary of Primary Health Care Declaration. "... Health for all and education for all, to construct safer and equitable societies ..."
[ Only in Spanish: ] Audio » / Interview »
Radio France Internacional note in Spanish»

Global Health Inequities
Almaty, Kazakhstan. Otober 7-8, 2008.- UN Radio Interview with Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director, about the launching of The World Health Report 2008 and the 30th Anniversary of Alma-Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care and Health for All.
Audio only in Spanish »
Radio UN note in Spanish»
Director's Newsletter

The effects of climate change on human health
September 2008. CNN interviews PAHO’s Director.
In an interview with CNN, the Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) underlined the effects of climate change on human health, the new challenges faced by global health, the importance of access to and quality of safe water and food for human consumption, as well as the high incidence on the health of populations due to the changes caused by the variations in the climatic behavior of our planet, concluding that joint action and individual responsibility is vital to preserve the planet and human health.
Climate Health and Human Health [Only Spanish version]
Cambio Climático y Salud Humana

Action Now: For the lives of mothers, newborns, and children
Chile. September 19, 2008.- Regional Launch of the Global Initiative.
"... There can be no delay. Every year, over 22,000 women in the Region die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, along with nearly 400,000 children under the age of 5. Worldwide, in the brief time required to read this article, four women who are pregnant or giving birth and 80 boys and girls under 5 will die ... "
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It's time to break the silence
Mexico. August 5, 2008.- "... preventing new infections is key to halting the HIV pandemic ... over 55,000 children under the age of 15 and 400,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 18 were living with HIV in 2007 ... only 4 out of 10 adolescents and young adults considered themselves well-informed about HIV ... let us undertake this responsibility with leadership, passion, and courage. Let us make our children’s right to protect themselves a reality ... "
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Global Health TV Interview with Dr Mirta Roses Periago, Director, Pan American Health Organization
Washington, DC. Global Health Council. Annual Conference 2008, May 30-31, 2008.- Stephen Horn of Global Health TV chats with Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), at the Global Health Council's International Conference. She addressed the conference about the challenges of implementing a health system based on primary health care as we mark the 30th anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration.
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PAHO's Director brings leadership and knowledge to the Americas
APHA. Washington, D.C. May, 2008.- The NATION'S HEALTH, the official newspaper of the American Public Health Association (APHA published this month an interview with Dr. Roses who was also elected as APHA's vice president for Latin America at the Association's 2007 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.
The interview is published in the section Q&A with global health leader Mirta Roses Periago: Recognizing the 'interdependency' of this century
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Solidarity in combating the global food crisis
Director's article. May 21, 2008.- PAHO's Director calls upon international community in order to promote the solidarity and cooperation among the countries to contribute to the production and food sovereignty of our people, eradicating malnutrition, and to the development of common strategies that make it possible for us to advance toward our health achievements, related to environmental protection and poverty reduction, achieved within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals.
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Vaccination: An Act of Love that Transcends Borders
Washington, D.C. Abril 23, 2008.- Article of the Director commemorating the VI Vaccination Week of the Americas published in several communications media of the Region.
The benefits of vaccination know no borders.
Vaccination is one of the most effective and efficient ways to put health within the reach of all. It combines individual well-being with family and social well-being: that of the rich with that of the poor; that of children with that of the elderly; that of citizens with that of foreigners; that of rural inhabitants with that of city dwellers; that of residents with that of migrants.
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A message from PAHO Director. 6th. Vaccination Week in the Americas.
19-26 April 2008.- "Vaccination Week in the Americas is an example and reminder of the best of Pan Americanism," said PAHO Director Dr. Mirta Roses. "We are consolidating a true participatory culture for prevention throughout the Americas."
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Vaccination week in the Americas advances on goals

TIME TO ACT: Protecting Health from Climate Change
Google News. April 11, 2008.- Google News asked Dr. Roses to write a special comment related to the theme of the World Health Day 2008 celebration: “Protecting Health from Climate Change”.
Global health put at risk by climate change. "The effect of climate change over health is neither a minor issue nor a theoretical possibility: it is already happening, here and now, and it is related to major public health problems.
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Climate Change a Challenge to Human Species
April 7, 2008.- "One of the most well-known, a result of changes in the usual patterns of temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, etc., occurs in the distribution of diseases, as well as vectors, which generally are insects. These also modify, for example, the seasonal cycles that had prevented the dissemination of diseases. So new ones appear or others expand, such as respiratory illnesses, yellow fever, malaria or dengue, which now extends across the continent.
Climate change gives way to a higher frequency of phenomena like hurricanes and periods of drought followed by excessive rains, which especially affect the most vulnerable, the communities that live in high-risk zones and in poverty."
Dr. Roses interview with Tierramerica, a specialised news service of UNDP and UNEP.
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Climate Change and Health. World Health Day 2008.
Message from the Director. April 7, 2008.- Climate change is already affecting human health, and it's time to do something about it. A message from Dr. Mirta Roses, Director of the Pan American Health Organization.
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An ACHIEVABLE DREAM: Eliminating some Diseases from the Region
"When envisioning the future of public health in the Americas, we can and should dare to dream of victories that greatly benefit all citizens and have a real impact on the human development levels of our peoples.
Eliminating certain illnesses or diseases that still afflict our peoples even though we possess the knowledge and tools with which to make them virtually disappear is one of those achievable dreams."
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OMS/OPS : nous sommes engagés à soutenir Haïti
13 février 2008.- En Haïti dans le cadre de la réunion annuelle des représentants de l'OPS/OMS de la Caraïbe, qui se tient pour la première fois en Haïti, la directrice régionale de l'OMS/OPS pour les Amériques, le docteur Mirta Roses, a déclaré : " nous sommes totalement engagés à soutenir Haïti afin qu'il progresse dans la réalisation des Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement ". Elle intervenait, en effet, au cours d'une conférence de presse tenue le 13 février à Port-au-Prince.
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PAHO and Argentine Government agree to assist countries of A. Latina, Caribbean, and Africa
Buenos Aires, Argentina. January 11, 2008.- The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) signs a memorandum of understanding with the Argentine Government to provide joint technical assistance in the area of health to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. The agreement was signed in Buenos Aires by the Director of PAHO, Mirta Roses, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Taiana, with the purpose of "contributing to the economic and social development" of these regions "through the effective use of human, technical and financial resources" of both parties.
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Equity and Primary Health Care
November 8, 2007. News Release - Article.- In the health sector, the fastest and most effective way to reduce the social gaps that affect the Region is to apply the primary care strategy, because decentralizing care and reaching out to people generate enormous benefits for individuals, families, and society as a whole. Mirta Roses-Periago, Director, Pan American Health Organization.
Equidad y Atención Primaria en Salud
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Action Against Diabetes
November 14, 2007.- "PAHO’s Strategy and Plan of Action for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases promote better diabetes prevention and control in the Region. Emphasis is placed on the organization of services, access to diagnostic methods and treatment, and prevention." Dr. Roses article celebrating World Diabetes Day 2007.
Acción contra la diabetes (spanish version)
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The global inter-relatedness of disease control
The Lancet Infectious Diseases has highlighted the crucial need to stress the global inter-relatedness of control of infectious diseases. Control of vaccine-preventable diseases across borders is a key function of the regional immunisation programme of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). PAHO's Inmunisation Programme article at The Lancet Infectious diseases.
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Avian flu in UK and their impact on the Region. BBC News Washington Interview Dr. Roses.
Washington, D.C. February 4, 2007. - The BBC News invited Dr. Mirta Roses to discuss the avian flu situation in the United Kingdom and its impact in the Region. The live interview took place on 27 February at 8:20 p.m. Dr. Albino Belotto, Unit Chief of the PAHO’s Health Surveillance and Disease Management Unit, accompanied Dr. Roses. (Release in Spanish version)
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Prevention and Control of Cervical Cancer
Dr. Roses' article published in the Guyana Chronicle, Guyana and Panamá-América Diary, Panamá, addresses the role of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in promoting mechanisms to improve the response of public health systems to this challenge through support and collaboration with each country as well as at the subregional and hemispheric level.
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