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Domestic Violence: Women's Way Out

Elizabeth Shrader and Monserrat Sagot
2000 , 124 pp. , ISBN: 92 75 12282 2
US $24.00 / $18.00 in developing countries
Order code: OP 111

This book is a weapon in the battle against violence in society, particularly violence perpetrated against women and children. It sets forth a protocol that can be used to investigate the paths women follow as they search for care and try to solve their domestic violence problems.

The book introduces the issue of violence against women by presenting a conceptual framework for approaching domestic violence as a health and development problem in Latin America. It also describes how the proposed protocol was designed, the steps to be followed in the course of field work, and other pertinent characteristics. The protocol was applied in 15 communities in 10 countries (seven in Central America and three in the Andean Area). The information was obtained through field interviews with women, services providers, and various community members.

We hope that this book will contribute to place violence against the women as a high-priority problem and will help to develop a model for the prevention of domestic violence and the care of its victims.

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