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What is the Institutional Memory Database?

(Access the Institutional Memory Database)

The PAHO Institutional Memory Database (IM) is the official registry of the Pan American Health Organization's intellectual production collected at the Organization's Headquarters. It offers users access to the PAHO bibliographical records and digital collection dating from the Organization's inception in 1902. The database currently holds over 38,766 bibliographic references, of which around 23,627 represent selected full text materials. The system provides access to print and online materials, as well as other media formats. The database is maintained by the PAHO Library and is intended to preserve and disseminate current and historical documents of the Organization.

PAHO Documents Included

  • Policy Documents: Resolutions/Decisions and Working Documents of the Governing Body meetings and their Subcommittees (namely all the historical Policy Documents pertaining to the PAHO Executive Committee meetings, PAHO Directing Council meetings, as well as the Pan American Sanitary Conference)
  • Documents, resolutions and reports of the Inter-American Meeting, at the Ministerial Level, on Animal Health (RIMSA)
  • Books, periodicals, and individual articles
  • Technical documents
  • Multimedia

How to Search the Database

Citations to documents can be searched by combining author, title, subject headings, keywords, language, year of publication, and more. The database also offers customized search features to cover specific user needs for retrieving documentation (see Section G on How to Search.)

The complete bibliographic records of all Governing Body Resolutions and Working Documents are searchable through the Institutional Memory Database should you wish to search by keywords or title words. The fulltext of all Resolutions/Decisions are accessible online. Please click on the "Electronic Access" field" at the end of the bibliographic reference. The fulltext links pertaining to the retrospective Working Documents are gradually being included in the database through the same "Electronic Access" field. Also, selected PAHO fulltext technical documents originated since 1997 may be searched and new ones are continuously being added to the database.

Finally, other fulltext links pertaining to the current Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública have been included, and the fulltext links to the former Boletín de la OPS and the Bulletin of PAHO are in the process of being included in the IM.

The PAHO Institutional Memory Database as well as the fulltext electronic links included therein complement other 16,000 non-PAHO bibliographic references found in the whole Library database, which together form the official Library Online Catalog.

To read the technical documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free at Adobe.

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