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Workshop on Health Information and Virtual Media
Quality of Health Information on the Internet

Puebla Mexico, May 8, 2003

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Equity and Bioethics
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Latin America

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Chile - Bioethics





Objectives and description:    

To share the conceptual and methodological issues related to quality criteria for health information in the Internet and the mechanisms of implementation of such criteria in the Region of the Americas.  

Country and regional websites related to Bioethics, Gender, Violence and Equity were analyzed (see survey documents of Mexico, Chile and Colombia) and their results were reviewed during the workshop, as part of PAHO's strategy for information dissemination in support of Health Equity in the Americas. 

The workshop contributed both to scholarly and policy debate on quality criteria, policy tools to assist the development, implementation and/or evaluation processes associated with achieving Quality of health information in the Internet in the Region of the Americas.  

Speakers included academic scholars as well as representatives of different health organizations from around the world who  participated in the discussion. 

Key themes included: Information quality criteria, quality and standards of health information on the internet, strengths and weaknesses of the major quality initiatives world-wide, knowledge exchange developments. The program concluded with a presentation of a Research proposal from the Information Center for Healthcare Decision-Making of the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico.  

This workshop was a first step in a process that will include consultation with governments, and other public and private sector stakeholders in the Member Countries, to establish a Regional Strategy for Quality of Information in the Internet, to be considered by PAHO’s Directive Bodies.


Conference contact information:

Gladys Faba
Pierre Abis-Duperval
Instituto Nacional de Salud, Mexico
Tel. Cuernavaca: 011 52 777 329 3004
Tel. Mexico DF: 011 5255 5655 4224

Lucia Ruggiero:
Tel: 202 974 3829


Centro de Convenciones de Puebla
Boulevard 5 de Mayo No. 402
Paseo de San Francisco, Centro Histórico
72000, Puebla, Pue. México
Tel : (222) 223 6400
Room: Salon La Oriental


Thursday, May 8, 2003   

4:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Welcoming Remarks 
Fernando Lolas,  Director Regional Bioethics Program, Pan American Health Organization, PAHO/WHO



Session 1:Quality of Health Information on the Internet – World Panorama 

  • Quality of Online Health Information: A Critical Ingredient for the Use of the Internet
    Helga Rippen, Director, Science and Technology Policy Institute, RAND,
    Washington, DC, USA
    [Presentation  PDF 1.5mb]
  • Quality of Health Information on the Internet: Achievements, Lessons and the Future
    Ahmad Risk, Chair of Internet Healthcare Coalition, Editor of  Health Informatics Europe, London, UK
    - Abstract [Presentation  PDF 77kb]


  • Infodemiology – The Epidemiology of Information
    Gunther Eysenbach, Senior Scientist, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, Division of Medical Decision Making and Health Care Research; Toronto General Research Institute of the UHN, Editor Journal of Medical Internet Research
    Toronto, Canada
    [Presentation  PDF 4.1mb


Session 2: Some Developments: Topics and Challenges for Public Policies

  • Brokering Knowledge on Population Health
    Carmen Connolly, Director, Canadian  Population Health Initiative, CIHI - Ottawa, Canada
    Presentation [PDF 3.8mb]


  • E-Readiness in the Latin American Countries
    Rafael Hernandez, InfoDev, World Bank 
    Washington, DC, USA
    Presentation in Spanish [PDF 545kb]
  • Population Health - Knowledge Exchange
    Barbara Krimgold, Senior Project Director, Center for the Advancement of Health, Washington, DC, USA
    [Presentation PDF 3.5mb]
  • Inter American Initiative on Social Capital, Ethics and Development and its Dissemination on the Internet, Bernardo Kliksberg Director, Francisco Gallo, Coordinator of the Initiative Online, Inter American Development Bank IADB/BID, Washington, DC, USA
    In Spanish: [Abstract] [Video 12.5mb] [Brochure PDF 111kb ] [Document  PDF 380kb]

Session 3: Surveys and Thematic Experiences in Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Chile 

  • Violence - Survey of Health Information websites in Colombia:
    Carolina Prieto Molano
    , Yolanda Ruan, PAHO/WHO
    [Presentation in Spanish PDF 4.4mb ]
  • Spanish websites Inquiry: an Approach to Bioethics: Sandra Herrera, Guillermo Fuentes, Carolina Valdebenito, Regional Bioethics Program, Santiago, Chile, PAHO/WHO
    [Presentation in Spanish PDF 593kb]

  • Monitoring and Disseminating Gender Information VHL: Hilary Anderson, Gender and Health Unit, PAHO/WHO [Presentation in Spanish PDF 2.8mb]
    Gender Indicators - Database Online, Adriana Alves
    Washington, DC, USA
    [Presentation in Spanish -  1.8mb]

  • Ethics and Equity in Health - Survey of Health Information websites in Mexico
    Gladys Faba, Pierre Duperval, National Institute of Public Health Mexico Information Center for Healthcare Decision-Making, Cuernavaca Mexico
    Spanish PDF  [318kb]   English PDF [78kb]
  • Virtual Meetings -  Virtual Environments of Work
    Nora Oliveri, Medical Informatics Foundation
    Miami, Florida, USA
    [Presentation in Spanish -   74kb]

    Session 4: Future Perspectives
  • Knowledge Management and Technical Cooperation in Health in the XXI Century.
    Towards eCooperation for Health Development
    [PPS file  176.5kb]
    Juan Antonio Casas, Senior External Relations Officer, WHO Office at the European Union
    Brussels, Belgium
  • Communication contents, media and communities: between the local and the global
    [PPS file 2.9mb]
    Juan Antonio Casas, Senior External Relations Officer, WHO Office at the European Union
  • Research Proposal, Gladys Faba, National Institute of Public Health Mexico Director of Information Center for Healthcare Decision-Making
    [Proposal - preliminary draft - in Spanish   PDF 28.2kb]
    [Presentation PDF 217kb

  Discussion and final remarks
Richard Van West-Charles, Director Information Knowledge Management Area, PAHO/WHO
  Workshop Final Report: [ PDF 250kb - 9p.]

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