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Emergency Operations Center

The Pan American Health Organization's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) functions as a centralized location through which organizational coordination and control of health-related response activities by PAHO’s Disaster Task Force and the Epidemic Alert and Response Task Force during emergencies and disasters can be accomplished. The EOC collects, receives, organizes, analyzes, prioritizes, monitors, and disseminates information about health crises or disasters to enable decision making and to support Member States and the international community. The EOC is equipped with the necessary resources to effectively coordinate PAHO’s intelligence and response during emergencies. In non-disaster situations, the EOC monitors and identifies other health crises that may require an international response. The EOC also provides meeting space for inter-divisional planning or monitoring and publishes a weekly electronic bulletin of reported incidents and updates of currently monitored events of concern in the Region.

Contact Information

The PAHO EOC can be contacted by phone at 202-974-3399 or by e-mail at

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