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Web sites with information on BCR incidents


Frequently-Asked Questions on Bioterrorism and Chemical Terrorism
World Health Organization

Responding to the deliberate use of biological agents and chemicals as weapons -
World Health Organization

The Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Terrorism
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC

Bioterrorism and Public Health - Components of Response
Health Canada

Medical Aspect of Biological Warfare
University of California, San Francisco

Chemical and Radiological Preparedness
Emergency Management Agency, FEMA

A new Vigilance: Identifying and Reducing the Risk of Environmental Terrorism
Pacific Institute: Studies in Development, Environment and Security

The Chemical and Biological Terrorism Threat and the US Response
HL Simpson Center.

Disaster Services
American Red Cross

Bioterrorism: the next threat?
The Economist.

Biological warfare, bioterrorism, biodefence and the biological and toxin weapons Convention.

Assessing the Health Consequences of Major Chemical Incidents:
Epidemiological Approaches
World Health Organization

INTOX Databank on toxic agent
INCHEM Chemical Safety and Management of Chemical

International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS)