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Hurricane Gustav
August 2008

Cuba - Dominican Republic - Haiti - Jamaica
Situation Reports
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2 September 2008


A banana plantation devastated by Hurricane Gustav in Cuba.

Hurricane Gustav has been the strongest to hit Cuba in 50 years. Fortunately, due to effective preventive measures, no deaths were reported in the country. The latest figures indicate that 250,000 people were evacuated, including 77,092 in Havana, 25,000 in Southern Matanzas, and 147,994 in Pinar del Río province. More than 90,000 houses were damaged. The agricultural sector suffered heavy losses. There has been heavy damage reported to health installations throughout the country. Serious floods affected the Isle of Youth, and dialisis patients had to be evacuated to Havana due to the damage to health facilities. Medical teams are on standby. PAHO/WHO is in contact with the Ministry of Health and the U.N. team in the country.

Dominican Republic

Gustav left a eight people dead and two injured as it pased over the Dominican Republic. More than 6,200 people were evacuated. Currently, 50 communities are still isolated.


Hurricane Gustav made landfall on August 26 about 10 miles from Jacmel as a Category 1 Hurricane. The five Emergency Operations Centers in the country were immediately activated. The toll of the Hurricane so far is 76 deaths; 89 people missing, 35 injured, 10,276 homeless, and more than 8000 in shelters. Food distribution is in place, Between 5,000 – 8,000 people have been affected, but this number may go up to 20,000 once assessments are completed. The country has no health needs at this point. There has been w idespread damage to agriculture. PAHO/WHO part of UN response; has medical team with medical and surgical supplies on standby. In addition, PAHO/WHO facilitated Joint Assessment with Civil Protection Agency and Ministry and in collaboration with local emergency networks.


After passing Haiti, Hurricane Gustav hit Jamaica with 70 mph winds. Emergency Operations Centers were activated at national, regional and parish level, and 37 Shelters were prepared in the Eastern parishes of St. Anne, St. Thomas and Portland. On August 30, more than 800 people were reported to be in shelters. There have been 12 confirmed deaths. Approximately 72 communities have been affected, particularly from flash floods and storm surges. The Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Bellevue Hospital and Port Antonio Hospital reported damage from the winds and rain. Currently, recovery activities are underway. All health systems are functioning, although two hospitals remain without electricity. Flooding continues to be a major problem, and the water supply affected. PAHO/WHO deployed an LSS/
SUMA and a Disaster Specialist Jamaica.


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