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Perspectives in Health. Volume 5, Number 2, 2000.

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization.
 Cover of Perspectives in Health - Vol. 5, #2
  • Workers' Health in Latin America and the Caribbean: Looking to the Future By Eugenio Gutiérrez
    The rising leptospirosis epidemic in Central America, the growth of endemic malaria in the Amazon area, and the increase in risks as a result of a younger working population have made workers' health a priority. PAHO is collaborating with other agencies, community organizations, and representatives of workers and private enterprise to develop an integrated initiative known as the Regional Plan for Workers' Health.


  • Violence Against Women in the Americas By Dr. Marijke Velzeboer-Salcedo and Julie Novick
    Violence directed against a person of another gender is not a new problem. It has been with us throughout recorded history. The news is the recent recognition of the problem and some of the innovative steps being taken to prevent it.


  • Deconstructing the Myths of Cervical Cancer By Dr. Sylvia C. Robles
    Cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, and new tests that women can administer themselves could help prevent this cancer, which strikes nearly 200 women a day in Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Brazil's "Health Castle" Marks Centennial By Umberto Trigueiros, Wagner de Oliveira and Carlos Wilson de Andrade Filho
    A picture-postcard Moorish castle in Rio de Janeiro is the home of the largest biomedical research institution in Latin America and one of the most respected in the world: the 100-year-old Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.


  • Song of Haiti By Barry Paris
    In 1947, Larimer Mellon, heir to a vast family fortune, read a Life magazine article about Albert Schweitzer's work in Gabon, West Africa, and was hit hard by Schweitzer's words: "It struck me as incomprehensible that I should be allowed to lead such a happy life, while so many people around me wrestling with care and suffering." He went on to study medicine and build the Albert Schweitzer Hospital of Deschapelles, Haiti.

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