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Perspectives in Health - Volume 6 No. 2 - 2002

September 11: Everything Changed  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Daniel Epstein
Terrorism has taken a psychological toll on survivors and even remote observers. But it has also brought a reassessment of the role of public health. Now international efforts promise to strengthen the sector as a front line of defense.
 Midwife Back to Birth Basics  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Isabel M. Estrada-Portales
Midwives in both the United States and Latin America are at the forefront of efforts to reverse the trend of more technology in childbirth.
 PAHO 100 100 Years of Pan-Americanism  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by James Patrick Kiernan
As PAHO prepares to celebrate its centennial this year, a historian of the Organization of American States recalls early efforts to forge a century of human progress in the Americas.
 Cartoon Bioethics Through a Comic Book Lens  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Irene Helmke
A group of scholars in science, philosophy, and psychology have developed a new educational series on the history of science and technology. They hope it will help prepare Latin American teenagers for a brave new world.
 Dengue Mosquitoes It Takes a Town  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Bruce E. Beans
Dengue fever was once nearly conquered in the Americas, but has in recent years once again become a growing threat. In the new battle against the disease, community participation and control are the most effective weapons.
Columns Cover Story:
The terrorist acts of Sept. 11 and the anthrax attacks that followed have had a psychological impact on survivors and observers, who have had difficulty coping with the events. But fear and concern have also prompted a re-examination of the role and importance of public health, refocusing efforts to strengthen the sector in the aftermath of the tragedies.
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