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Perspectives in Health Magazine. Volume 7, Number 1, 2002

The Magazine of the Pan American Health Organization
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Are We Killing the Cures?  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Alexandre Spatuzza
The widespread use and abuse of antibiotics throughout the world are starting to diminish these valuable drugs' potency. With support from PAHO, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are taking important steps to tackle the problem.
 Street musician Facing the Music  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Josh Jackson
Honduras' Garífuna minority has long been known for its unique and rich Afro-Caribbean culture. Now these proud people are facing a new, less welcome distinction: having the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the country.
 PAHO 100 A PAHO Family Album:
100 Years of Public Health
  [Read Article] [Print Version]
The history of the Pan American Health Organization is rich with the stories of dedicated individuals who faced major challenges and achieved remarkable successes. This "PAHO Family Album" salutes the accomplishments of a century of Pan American efforts in public health.
 George Rosenkranz Mexico's Pill Pioneer  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Gerald S. Cohen
George Rosenkranz, former CEO of Syntex Corp., recently won Mexico's highest national health award for his role in the development of oral contraceptives. His story is that of a wartime immigrant who turned a tiny Mexico City chemical lab into an international pharmaceutical giant.
 Little Girl Seeing the Whole Child  [Read Article] [Print Version]
by Isabel M. Estrada-Portales
An international strategy to reduce childhood illness and death is showing clear signs of success in Latin America and the Caribbean. The key to its effectiveness seems to be in changing the way that doctors and other health workers look at children, parents, and themselves.
Columns Cover Story:
The discovery of antibiotics made possible the conquest of a long list of infectious diseases. But misuse of these drugs is contributing to the development of new, more resistant disease strains. In Latin America and the Caribbean, efforts are getting under way to try to reverse this dangerous trend.
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