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Perspectives in Health Magazine. Volume 7, Number 2, 2002

The Magazine of the Pan American Health Organization
Special Centennial Edition
 Illustration A New Guard, a Second Century
by Sir George Alleyne
The Pan American Health Organization's 100th anniversary in 2002 is an occasion for celebrating its past achievements. But it is also a time for taking stock of the present and looking forward to future challenges to Pan American public health. [Read Article] [Text Version]
 Illustration Protecting Our Progeny: The Future of Vaccines
by Sir Gustav Nossal
Immunization has proven to be public health's most cost-effective tool, helping us to conquer some of humanity's worst scourges. How will future progress in vaccines affect global health during the next 100 years? [Read Article] [Text Version]
 Illustration Hurrying Toward Disaster?
by C. J. Peters
As population growth and globalization rapidly change the earth's ecology, the threat of emerging and reemerging diseases is growing. How can we prepare ourselves to deal with dangerous new surprises from the microbial world?  [Read Article] [Text Version]
 Illustration The Next Revolution: Who's Ready, Who's Not?
by Juan Enríquez and Rodrigo Martínez
Progress in the life sciences is opening up vast new opportunities for improving health and quality of life. But Latin America and the Caribbean will benefit only if they first make a major commitment to invest in scientific research.  [Read Article] [Text Version]
 Illustration The Future Value of Health
by Ilona Kickbusch
Health is emerging as one of the most sought-after resources of the 21st century. But which vision of health holds the most promise for promoting equity and empowerment in the future pursuit of this basic human right?  [Read Article] [Text Version]
Columns Cover:
The Pan American Health Organization celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2002. This special centennial issue honors that anniversary by looking forward to PAHO's next 100 years and to future developments in immunization, emerging diseases, the life sciences, health promotion and international cooperation in public health.
Illustration by Gilles Collette.

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The Next 100 Years

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