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Perspectives in Health Magazine. Volume 7, Number 3, 2002

The Magazine of the Pan American Health Organization
 Centenarian Woman Living to 100
by Tony Deyal
The Caribbean island of Dominica is home to the world's oldest living person, Elizabeth "Ma Pampo" Israel, and to 21 other centenarians. These wise women and men attribute their longevity to a list of wholesome practices. But could anyone duplicate their formula outside this tiny tropical retreat? [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Illustration Globesity: The Crisis of Growing Proportions
by Donna Eberwine
Obesity is now a global epidemic that affects developed and developing countries alike. In the Americas, it is fast eclipsing hunger and malnutrition as a threat to health. Experts say the trend is not inevitable, however, and that now is the time to begin steering a different course. [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Illustration Haiti: Dark, Light and Color
Photos by Alex Morel - Text by Marisol Bello
A turbulent history and chronic economic problems have placed a difficult burden on the people of Haiti. Yet expressions of their resilience, pride and determination abound. On assignment for the Pan American Health Organization, photographer Alex Morel depicts the challenges, hopes and strivings of Haitian life.  [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Don Francisco Don Francisco Gives Back
by Bryna Brennan
He's the Americas' best-known Spanish-speaking television entertainer, and his program, "Giant Saturday," is TV's longest-running variety show with a single host. But Don Francisco wants to be remembered for more than slapstick acts and silly jokes. He wants to give something back by serving as a spokesman for health.  [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Indigenous Man A Marriage of Medicines
by Owain Johnson
For centuries, the people of the Amazon rainforest have tapped the medicinal resources of their environment for health and healing. Today, traditional medicine remains a primary source of care for indigenous people. Now Western practitioners are joining forces with traditional healers to try to improve health services for the region's population.  [Read Article] [Print Version]
Columns Cover Story:
Obesity used to be seen as a problem of the world's most affluent countries, but no longer. Increasingly this nutritional disease affects both the developed and the developing world. Advocates are calling for stronger efforts to curb the epidemic and head off its enormous costs to global public health.
Painting by Fernando Botero.

First Word - From The Editor
Obesity: the big challenge

Last Word - From The Director
Through Words and Pictures

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