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Perspectives in Health Magazine. Volume 8, Number 1, 2003

The Magazine of the Pan American Health Organization
 Centenarian Woman For the Kids' Sake
by Alexandre Spatuzza
Children need clean and healthy living spaces to grow and thrive. Yet degraded environments expose millions of children in the Americas to serious health threats every day. Now communities are mobilizing to improve living conditions and ensure healthier environments for their kids. [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Illustration The New Wave of AIDS
by Paula Andaló
The AIDS epidemic is spreading unevenly throughout the world, exploding in some countries while advancing slowly in others. In the Americas, the Caribbean and Central America have been particularly hard hit. But the region's experts warn that no country should let down its guard: The drugs can fail, the virus can mutate and more deadly strains of HIV are just a plane ride away. [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Illustration The Tobacco Files
by Donna Eberwine
Once-secret documents show that the tobacco industry has carried out an active campaign to mislead the public in Latin America and the Caribbean about the real risks of cigarettes and secondhand smoke. A report commissioned by the Pan American Health Organization reveals the deceptive tactics the industry has used to further its interests and undermine tobacco control efforts throughout the region. [Read Article] [Print Version]

 Special Section: Community Public Health 
 Don Francisco Out of the Ashes
by Jorge Jenkins Molieri
In El Salvador, families left homeless by the earthquakes of 2001 have joined together to build new homes and new lives. Their community, Villa Centenario, is a healthy housing project that has become a model for the country's reconstruction. [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Indigenous Man Door to Door for Health
by Abdel Padilla
In the city of El Alto, Bolivia, volunteer health promoters known as manzaneras are teaching residents the basics of prevention and self-care while bridging the gap between health services and those who need them. [Read Article] [Print Version]
 Indigenous Man Rescuing the Art of Breastfeeding
by María del Mar Mazza
In El Limón, Guatemala, support groups organized by La Leche League International teach new mothers the benefits of breastfeeding and help them build confidence in their maternal skills. [Read Article] [Print Version]

Cover Story:
Childhood is a time for playing, learning and exploring the world. But for children living in poverty, the world can be a dangerous place. Making environments healthier for children is the theme of this year's World Health Day and the subject of the cover story for this issue of Perspectives in Health.
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