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Perspectives in Health. Volume 1, Number 2, 1996.

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization

  • The Demerara Doctor By Donna J. Reynolds
    A young Italian scientist seeks to break the centuries-old grip of malaria in Guyana, against the backdrop of mining and sugarcane.
  • The Climate of Change: Omens for the Future By Daniel Epstein
    Could the global warming trend signal widespread adverse effects on human health?
  • The Land of the Third Culture By Bryna Brennan
    Not quite one place and not quite the other, the United States-Mexico border area is a melting pot whose unique culture poses special challenges for outreach workers in health education and promotion.
  • A Childhood Stolen, A Society in Fear By Anita Jensen
    The victimization of children is as old as Cain. The idea of making this abuse a priority public health problem is not.


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