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Perspectives in Health. Volume 2, Number 1, 1997.

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization

  • No Small Enemy By Harry Castro Stanziola
    Creating a manmade waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific was a 400-year-old dream. It was medicine, not engineering, that provided the key to the Panama Canal's successful completion.
  • Food for the Body, Fuel for Life By Elayne Clift
    Today, micronutrient malnutrition affects more than one-third of the world's people, even though sound strategies exist to prevent it.
  • Canada Takes Prevention to Heart By Donalee Moulton
    With cardiovascular disease rates higher than Canada's national average, Nova Scotians adopt healthier lifestyles and give themselves a mental boost.
  • Bolivian Soldiers With a New Cause By Debbie K. Becht
    In the age-old battle against disease, Bolivia has enlisted new allies and is building a new generation of community health educators.
  • Saving Sarita By Daniel Epstein
    Some 12 million children around the world die every year from common, preventable diseases. A new life-saving technique allows health workers to treat these illnesses and help improve a child's overall health in just one visit.


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