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Perspectives in Health. Volume 3, Number 2, 1998.

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization

  • Creating Promise out of Longer Life By Dr. Jeanette C. Takamura and Diana Justice
    People will be living longer in the next century, presenting government leaders, health professionals, and individuals with new opportunities and challenges.
  • Peru Faces Off Against El Niño By Debbie K. Becht
    To mitigate El Niño's destructive impact, Peru's health sector prepared communities for the worst. Its foresight saved countless lives and is speeding up the recovery process.
  • Vaccines: The Wave of the Future By Bryna Brennan
    Vaccines protect children against suffering, disability, and death. As medicine's most powerful tool, they will lead the way to healthier societies in the next century.
  • Oswaldo Cruz: Blazing the Frontiers of Brazilian Public Health By Jonathan Leonard
    The father of modern Brazilian public health leaves the world a legacy of unparalleled scientific excellence, political savvy, and service to the community.


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