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Perspectives in Health. Volume 4, Number 1, 1999.

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization

  • Malaria: Failure, Puzzle, and Challenge By Daniel Epstein
    This ancient scourge kills more people than any other communicable disease, except tuberculosis. Will a bold new global anti-malaria strategy succeed where others have failed?
  • Health and Medicine in the Pre-Columbian Americas By John W. Verano
    Ancient medical wisdom in the Americas grew in sophistication over centuries of isolation. But it proved powerless in the face of new and mortal diseases brought by foreign cultures.
  • The Impact of Disease: Two Worlds Meet By Douglas H. Ubelaker
    The encounter of the Old and New World radically altered the latter's demographic and disease profile at the same time it augured the birth of a new shared history.
  • Research for the People By Bjørg Sletto
    The application of local knowledge to research projects in community health and development encourages partnerships that balance science with human nature.
  • Health: a Bridge to Peace in Peru and Ecuador By Jennie Vásquez-Solís
    The border towns of Peru and Ecuador are off to a fresh start, forging new links to achieve the common goal of a healthier, more prosperous future.
  • Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte: A Physician among Her People By Martha Davidson
    Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte opened a hospital serving the Omaha reservation and local white population.
  • Urban Renewal in Kingston, Jamaica By Carmen Tipling
    The desire to turn the negative into a positive is bringing hope to communities in the Jamaican capital, improving the health of the citizens by providing a safer, cleaner environment.

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