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Perspectives in Health. Volume 4, Number 2, 1999.

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization

  • Canada's New Arctic Territory Charts its Course By Maureen Johnson
    Nunavut is a long way from everywhere. Its creation in 1999 marks Canada's first map change in 50 years and its first large-scale experiment in indigenous home rule.
  • A Land of Possibility: Honduras' Mosquito Coast By Rossany Auceda
    Rebounding from Hurricane Mitch, the residents of Central America's most remote jungle region are putting their best foot forward and working toward better health.
  • Experience of a Lifetime By Jacob Conklin
    Far from home and all that is familiar, a young pre-med student in the Peruvian highlands embarks on the greatest adventure of all-the discovery of oneself.
  • Transforming Information into Innovation By Elayne Clift
    Good health is a product everyone needs, and savvy health experts today are borrowing commercial marketing techniques to change public attitudes and boost health's selling power.
  • The Handwriting on the Wall By Marcelo Montecino
    The scale, spontaneity, and ubiquity of public murals make them ready-made vehicles to capture the collective eye and present health issues in a provocative light.
  • Bioterrorism: Thinking about the Unthinkable By Robert J. Howard
    How real are large-scale threats of germ warfare and how well prepared are people and governments to deal with them?

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