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Perspectives in Health. Volume 5, Number 1, 2000.

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization

  • From Sacrifice to Lifesaver: The Changing Symbols of Blood By Wendy Wilson
    Ancient rulers offered it to the gods in return for strength. Today, donating blood can become a life-saving gesture. But are blood supplies safe from disease and adequate for society's needs?
  • Water: So Much and So Little By Horst Otterstetter
    Clean drinking water contributes to healthy populations and socioeconomic progress. Protection of natural water sources is key to balancing the needs of both.
  • The Challenges and Opportunities for Mental Health in the Third Millennium By Irene Helmke Wijnant
    Rapid social change, population aging, violence, and poverty present obstacles to mental well-being at the same time they open doors for new integrated health care models.
  • Of Scouts and Motherhood By Dr. Pedro Luis Castellanos
    Thousands of mothers die each year from preventable pregnancy-related causes in the Dominican Republic. Improving the chances of survival of mothers and their children is a number-one priority.
  • The Health We Want By Rossany Auceda
    People seem to regard health not only as a human right but as a social product - both a means paving the way to the common good.
  • Simple Technologies Prove Their Worth in Bolivia By Juan Guillermo Orozco
    The use of new and alternative technologies to reduce Bolivia's water and sanitation inequities is increasing understanding about the role of clean water in improving health.
  • Balancing Nature in the Peruvian Amazon By Eugenio Gutiérrez
    Remote jungle islands provide the backdrop for a unique community-based project blending ecological conservation, agricultural development, health promotion, and biomedical research.

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