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 La salud mental en las Américas

In Words and Pictures:
Western Regional Hospital (Belmopan)

Western Regional Hospital

The official logo painted on a Ministry of Health vehicle parked just outside the main entrance of the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan, capital of Belize, speaks by itself. However, it might be good to visit the hospital inside to truly see that those words are turned into action with regards to the modern delivery of mental health services to all who need them. For both its personnel, clients and the community at large, it was big news back in 2001 when the health center opened for the first time a psychiatric unit. This was a major step forward with regards to the efforts sustained up to this day by the country's political leadership to not only strengthen its capacities in mental health but specially, because it proves that things are being done in accordance with internationally agreed guidelines and approaches that are rapidly spreading within Latin America, the Caribbean, and to many other countries in the world.


Part 11: Rockview Hospital (In Words and Pictures)
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