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Perspectives in Health. Volume 9, Number 2, 2004

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization
Special Issue on the Millennium Development Goals

Front cover:
The Millennium Development Goals challenge rich and poor countries to work together to fight poverty, hunger and illness. This special issue looks at how the countries of the Americas are responding to the millennium challenge and the opportunities it presents for public health.

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Forging a Fairer Future

by Elena Martinez

The Millennium Development Goals are more than a lofty wish list for global development. They commit countries to clear, measurable targets for reducing inequities and improving the lives of the poor. Will the Americas live up to this challenge and close the gaps that have made it the most unequal region in the world? [Read Article]

A New Agenda for Health

by Ilona Kickbusch

The millennium goals put health at the heart of a new global development agenda. For public health advocates in Latin America and the Caribbean, they offer a unique opportunity to build partnerships and secure new investments in health for the region's poorest citizens. [Read Article]

Partners for Development?

by Alicia Bannon and David Roodman

Number 8 of the Millennium Development Goals calls on rich and poor countries to work together to ensure that the benefits of globalization are shared more widely. What should developed countries do to live up to their end of this global bargain? [Read Article]

Bolivia: Yearning for Progress

by José Antonio Pagés

For Bolivia, a country in crisis, the millennium goals offer not just a challenge but an opportunity for social transformation. Will Bolivians' shared frustration with failed development efforts translate into a collective commitment to achieving the millennium goals? [Read Article]

Fighting Hunger in Brazil

by Rogerio Waldrigues Galindo

Brazil's government is tackling the number-one Millennium Development Goal with its ambitious Fome Zero ("Zero Hunger") initiative. Through a combination of short- and long-term programs, Fome Zero is already feeding thousands and aims to ensure that by 2006 every Brazilian man, woman and child has three meals a day. [Read Article]

Health and Wealth in Paradise

by Henry Fraser

The Caribbean islands may be a tourist's paradise, but poverty and public health problems persist in the region. Governments have recognized the importance of a healthy population for successful development, but does that recognition come too late for them to meet the millennium goals? [Read Article]


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