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Perspectives in Health. Volume 10, Number 1, 2005

The magazine of the Pan American Health Organization

Front cover:
Volunteers carry a body retrieved from debris in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, after the earthquake and tsunami that claimed more than 280,000 lives in South Asia last December. The Pan American Health Organization worked to counter unfounded fears that the large number of bodies posed a serious threat of disease.

AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko


by Donna Eberwine

In the aftermath of South Asia's tsunami tragedy, fears arose that a second death wave could result from diseases caused by thousands of unburied bodies. Yet these fears were unfounded. They were based on just one of many common myths that seem to resurface with every natural disaster. [Read Article]

Photos by Douglas Engle and text by Henrik Jönsson

Against a backdrop of violence and drug trafficking, Programa H targets Brazilian boys and young men with messages about responsible manhood. Photographer Douglas Engle and journalist Henrik Jönsson toured the streets of Rio de Janeiro's favelas to see the program at work. [Read Article]

by Paula Andaló

Pedro José Greer, MD, is a hepatologist who refuses to treat livers. He prefers to treat people-especially the homeless and others who can't afford to pay. From his hometown of Miami to the U.S. capital, Greer has emerged as one of his country's most vocal advocates of health for all. [Read Article]

by Cheryl Harris Sharman

Alcohol is not just a problem for alcoholics and their families. It's also a threat to public health. Experts say that overconsumption is a major contributor to the burden of disease, and in the Americas it may in fact be risk factor number one. [Read Article]

by Graciela Gioberchio

No doubt about it, animals and humans can make great companions. But getting a pet means more than acquiring a fuzzy new friend. It means assuming full responsibility for the animal's welfare as well as for its impact on human health. [Read Article]


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Mirta Roses Periago, Director
Bryna Brennan, Executive Editor
Donna Eberwine, Editor
Paula Andaló,Contributing Editor


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