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For the first time ever, the Americas are united in a campaign for the health of our children. The first "Vaccination Week in the Americas" happens on the first week of June, and is an unprecedented effort to reach children who have not been vaccinated in indigenous communities, marginal urban areas, remote areas and frontier zones.

All countries in South America, plus Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Bahamas are set to participate in the campaign, called "An Act of Love."


Press Releases

Activities in the Countries

Graphic Material


(Click on the poster for a .PDF version, suitable for printing)


Generic Sticker
Sticker for Vaccinated Kids


This Public Service Announcement (PSA) invites people to participate in the campaign.

Vaccination Week PSA [56k version]

These messages are in Spanish only:

General Message [56k version]

Message with Don Francisco [56k version]

Message with Mercedes Sosa [56k version]

Message with Jon Secada [56k version]

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