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Volume I: 456 pp; Volume II: 600 pp.
ISBN 92 75 11587 7
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US$46.00 in Latin American and Caribbean countries
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English, and Spanish

Health in the Americas is now available in electronic format!

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Health in the Americas, 2002 Edition, is the Pan American Health Organization flagship publication analyzing the health situation and trends in the Region of the Americas.

In this 2002 edition, the analysis of Health in the Americas is oriented toward documenting inequalities in health. In order to best show the analysis at both the Regional and country levels, this edition, as were previous ones, is presented in two volumes. Volume I's eight chapters present a Regional perspective on the current health situation. This volume includes analyses of the status and trends of several important health and health-related indicators and determinants, ranging from mortality and changes in life expectancy to the impact that income-level and income-distribution inequalities have on the population's health.

Volume II presents the most up-to-date health situation analysis for each of the 48 countries and territories of the Americas. This volume is a product of a Region wide analytical effort that is conducted using a common framework that includes an analysis of overall health status, specific health problems, and the response of health systems and services.


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