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2006, 185 pp.
ISBN 92 75 11600 8
Code: SP 600
Language Available: Spanish

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The Value of Health:
A History of the Pan American Health Organization

Marcos Cueto, a widely published medical historian, presents an appealing and well-documented narrative that describes the origins of public health and the creation of PAHO and culminates with the Organization's response to globalization and its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals. The history of PAHO's institutional heritage, notes the author, is "a rich testimony to the depth and breadth of health's value . . . as an indispensable requirement for peace, security, tolerance, and solidarity . . . and a means of achieving equity . . . in all social spheres."

Foreword (61.1 KB)

Acknowledgments (63.1 KB)

Introduction (82.2 KB)

1. The Origins of International Public Health in the Americas (157 KB)
    Maritime Public Health in the Old and New Worlds
    The Rise of Export Economies and the Institutionalization of Pan Americanism
    The Era of Walter Wyman
    The Control of Urban Yellow Fever
2. The Birth of a New Organization (122 KB)
    The First Sanitary Meetings
    The Second Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau: Rupert Blue
3. The Consolidation of an Identity (177 KB)
    The Hugh S. Cumming Years
    The Permanence of a Code
    The Conferences of the 1930s and the Second World War
    The Origins of the World Health Organization
4. For a Continent Free of Disease(165 KB)
    Fred L. Soper and the Cold War
    The Growth of the Organization
    Eradication as Doctrine
    The Warrior's Rest
5. Health, Development, and Community Participation (150 KB)
    Abraham Horwitz, the First Latin American Director
    A Building and New Programs
    Primary Health Care
    The Victories over Smallpox and Poliomyelitis
6. Validity and Renewal (75.7 KB

Endnotes (158 KB)

Bibliography (181 KB)

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