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Information is one of the most important tools we have in our attempt to integrate a gender perspective into health policies and programs. The purpose of the GenSalud Information System is to provide timely, relevent and useful information about the effects of gender on the health of men and women in the Americas' region. The mandate of the Gender and Health Unit is to integrate a gender perspective into PAHO's projects, programs and policies, for which we require a very clear picture of the effects of the relationship between men and women on the health of both. GenSalud therefore is motivated by: a) the belief that if we can gather enough concrete evidence of the effects of gender on women and men’s health status, we can issue a strong call for change; and b) the fact that there are no websites, databases, or information systems devoted specifically to gender and health, or women’s health in the Americas, yet volumes of information exist.


Gender, Health and Development in the Americas 2003 - profiles gender differences in health and development in 48 countries of the Americas, focusing on women’s reproductive health, access to key health services, and major causes of death.
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GenSalud Virtual Library - a central point of access to gender and health information that collects, organizes, and digitalizes relevant and useful thematic resources.
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GenSalud Electronic Newsletter - listserv which disseminates information on gender and women's health issues (sexual and reproductive health and rights, violence against women and girls, quality of care, health sector reform and gender equity, etc.) Information is posted in both English and Spanish.
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Gender and Public Health Series - Topics covered include intra-family violence, sexual abuse and the Belém do Pará Convention. Most of the documents are available in Spanish only.
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Harvard Series on Gender and Health Equity - A series of research reports exploring different themes in gender and women's health which PAHO has translated into Spanish.
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The 19th Session (March 12-14 2001) of the Sub-Comittee on Women, Health and Development looked at the analysis and monitoring of gender equity in health and development, and the surveillance of domestic violence.
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