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Integrating a Gender Perspective

As part of the PAHO Institutional Renewal (IR) Process, the Gender and Health Unit (GH) aims to coordinate the development of the PAHO Plan of Action on Gender Equality within the context of the Organization's new priorities and programme of work.

The PAHO Plan of Action on Gender Equality will be a tool to uphold the Organization's unwavering commitment to the elimination of social inequities in health. It will support the Secretariat and Member States in their fulfillment of gender equality commitments, frame policy dialogue with other partners, and increase the Organization's ability to meet its effectiveness objectives.

The goal of the PAHO Plan of Action on Gender Equality will be to contribute to the elimination of discrimination and inequality of opportunity between women and men, in terms of both their well-being and their participation in decisions affecting the well-being of their families, communities and society as a whole.


Annotated Bibliography of Gender Mainstreaming Resources - brings together existing resources (reports, manuals, guidelines etc.) on mainstreaming gender in health projects, programmes and policies.
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Gender, Health and Development in the Americas 2003 - profiles gender differences in health and development in 48 countries of the Americas, focusing on womenís reproductive health, access to key health services, and major causes of death.
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Gender, Health and Development: A Facilitator's Guide - provides a structure and some tools for a workshop on looking at health through a gender lens, understanding menís and womenís health-illness processes and improving the equity with which roles, responsibilities and rewards are distributed in health promotion and care.
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PAHO Gender Workshop - this half-day workshop is intended to give participants an introduction to the concepts of gender and gender analysis, and provide them with practical tools to begin integrating a gender perspective into health policies and programmes.
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   Subcommittee on WHD

Sub-Committee on Women, Health and Development - The Subcommittee on Women, Health, and Development advises the Executive Committee and, through it, the Directing Council and the Pan American Sanitary Conference, and the Director, on the impact on women of policy set at those levels.

  • The 20th Session (March 25-26 2003) looked at both the incorporation of gender in PAHO technical programs, and the monitoring of national health policies from a gender perspective.
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  • The 19th Session (March 12-14 2001) looked at the analysis and monitoring of gender equity in health and development, and the surveillance of domestic violence.
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  • The 18th Session (February 8-9 1999) looked at the incorporation of gender and women's health issues in health sector reform processes in the region.
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CEDAW 30th Session - (January 12-30 2004, New York) The Committee will have before it the reports of: Belarus, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Germany, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Nigeria.
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CSW 48th Session - (March 1-12 2004 - New York) The Commission will focus on two thematic issues: (1) the role of men and boys in gender equality; (2) womenās equal participation in conflict prevention, management and resolution..
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Gender in the International System

Asian Development Bank

Commonwealth Secretariat

ECOSOC Agreed Conclusions on Gender Mainstreaming

European Commission

Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality

Inter-American Development Bank

International Fund for Agricultural Development

International Labour Organization

International Organization for Migration

International Telecommunications Union

Office of the Special Advisor on Gender Issues

Organization of American States

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

UN Children's Fund

UN Development Programme

UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UN Food and Agriculture Organization


UN Office on Drugs and Crime

UN Population Fund

UN Research Institute for Social Development

World Bank

World Health Organization

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