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Gender and Health Sector Reform

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The Pan-American Health Organziation (PAHO), through the Gender and Health Unit, has been implementing a project designed to mainstream gender within healh sector reform processes in the Region. The central objective of the project is the reduction of inequalities in women and men's health status, access to health care and participation in health decision-making that are unnecessary, avoidable and unjust. The project also seeks to identify and redress inequities by thoroughly documenting gender inequities in health and their relation to health sector polices; by democratizing information on gender inequities in health, particularly through providing data and evidence in order to inform policy decisions and empower advocates; and by assisting relevant stakeholders and civil society to institutionalize gender equity priorities into national policies. Particular (though not exclusive) emphasis is placed on inequalities which occur as a result of inappropriate institutional responses to sexual and reproductive health needs.

The first step of the project, which began in 2000, received funding from the Ford and Rockfeller Foundations, and is currently being implemented on a pilot basis in Chile and Peru.


Gender, Health and Development in the Americas 2003 - profiles gender differences in health and development in 48 countries of the Americas, focusing on women’s reproductive health, access to key health services, and major causes of death.
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Descentralización de la salud, perspectiva de género y empoderamiento de la mujer - looks at the impact of the decentralization of the health sector on women's empowerment and gender equity.
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Gender, equity, and access to health services: an empirical approximation - describes the conceptual framework and the objectives that guided a research initiative called "Gender, Equity, and Access to Health Services"(Pan Am J Public Health Vol. 11(5/6) 2002)
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Gender equity in health sector reform policies in Latin America and the Caribbean - an introduction to the PAHO porject "Equidad de género en las políticas de reforma del sector de salud," whose objective is to promote gender equity in the health sector reform efforts in the Region.(Pan Am J Public Health Vol. 11(5/6) 2002).
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Equity, Gender and Health Polcy Reform in Latin America and the Caribbean - calls attention to call attention to the most significant implications of health and social security reform for gender equity and proposes a series of strategies to identify problems, mobilize resources and institutionalize responses.
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Gender and Equity in Health Sector Reform: A Review of the Literature - reviews and synthesizes both published and unpublished literature examining the interaction between health sector reforms, gender and equity (draft document - comments welcome).
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Desigualdades ocultas: Género y reforma del sector salud - Article from Le Monde Diplomatique.
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El género y la reforma del sector salud - Translation of an original document from the Harvard Series on Gender and Health Equity.
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The 18th Session (February 8-9 1999) of the Sub-Committee on Women, Health and Development looked at the incorporation of gender and women's health issues in health sector reform processes in the region.
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Technical Consultation on Accounting for the Unremunerated Production of Household Health Services
(December 4-5 2003 - Washington DC) The aim of this workshop was to present existing experiences in the construction of national health accounts, and to examine them with an eye to visibilizing and accounting the domestic production of health, which is carried out primarily by women, for no compensation.
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Subregional Workshop on Gender Equity in Health Sector Reform
(October 27-28, 2003 - Managua, Nicaragua) The aim of this workshop was to sensitize key national stakeholders on the gender equity implications of health sector reform.
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International Workshop on Gender and Health Accounts - The workshop brought particpants together to share existing experiences in the construction of national health accounts and address the need to recognize and quantify domestic productive health work (October 18th-19th 2001 - Santiago, Chile).
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Virtual Forum - Gender Equity and HSR

March 8th - International Women's Day

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