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Violence against Women

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In 1993, PAHO passed a resolution recognizing violence as a serious threat to both public health and human rights problem (CD 37/19, 1993). Since then, the Organization has been at the forefront of mobilizing the health sector to address it violence, working with the health sector to advocate, strengthen capacity, and involve stakeholders in formulating better health policies and improving prevention and health care. PAHO's Gender and Health Unit has developed an Integrated Model for Addressing Violence against Women that has been implemented in 10 countries of the Americas, and that involves the development of community networks for the provision of care and support to victims of violence and promotion of non-violent relations.

In 2003, PAHO published Violence against Women: the Health Sector Responds, which brings together 10 years of experience in: addressing VAW at the community level, advocating with policy-makers at the national level, and raising awareness at the international level. The book provides a strategy and concrete approaches for addressing VAW, not only for those on the front lines attending to the women who live with violence, but also for the decision-makers who may incorporate the lessons learned from PAHO's experience in the development of policies and resources.


Situación de los Servicios Médico-legales y de Salud para Víctimas de Violencia Sexual en Centro América - the six studies in this document explore the medical and legal services available to victims of sexual violence in Central America.
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Gender, Health and Development in the Americas 2003 - profiles gender differences in health and development in 48 countries of the Americas, focusing on women’s reproductive health, access to key health services, and major causes of death.
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Violence against Women: the Health Sector Responds - brings together 10 years of experience in addressing VAW at the community level, advocating with policy-makers at the national level, and raising awareness at the international level.
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Participatory Evaluation of PAHO's Integrated Model: Final Report - In July and August of 2001, a particiatory evaluation of the Integrated Model for Addressing Violence against Women provided some interesting lessons which are detailed in the Final Report.
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Trafficking of Women for Sexual Exploitation in the Americas - Throughout the world, human trafficking continues with near impunity. It is a high-profit and low-risk endeavor for the traffickers. However, it is not low-risk for the millions of women and children trafficked and exploited in the sex industry.
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Gender and Public Health Series - Topics covered include intra-family violence, sexual abuse and the Belém do Pará Convention. Most of the documents are available in Spanish only.
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Symposium 2001: Gender Based Violence, Health and Rights in the Americas - From June 4th-7th 2001, the Symposium brought together representatives from the ministries of health, women's machinery, civil society and UN agencies from 30 countries to address the response of the health sector to GBV.
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The Integrated Model for Addressing Violence against Women - In the last few years in Central America, a series of efforts have contributed to ensure that all seven countries recognize intrafamily violence as a public health concern deserving immediate attention. As a result, countries have put into place legislation and committed human and financial resources designed to facilitate the operation and consolidation of a model of integral care to respond to intrafamily violence.
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Domestic Violence: Women's Way Out - This publication demonstrates that intra-family violence is a complex problem which requires coordinated and inter-sectoral solutions, involving the participation of both the State and civil society.
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The 19th Session (March 12-14 2001) of the Sub-Committee on Women, Health and Development looked at the analysis and monitoring of gender equity in health and development, and the surveillance of domestic violence.
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CEDAW 30th Session - (January 12-30 2004, New York) The Committee will have before it the reports of: Belarus, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Germany, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Nigeria.
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Conference on Gender and Human Security - (February 5-7 2004, Montreal) This conference will address human security from the perspective of the rights and needs of people in societies confronted by political violence.
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II World Congress on Women's Mental Health - (March 2004 - Washington DC) The goal of this conference will be to: present and discuss comprehensive, updated, well-rounded knowledge on women’s mental health.
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CSW 48th Session - (March 1-12 2004 - New York) The Commission will focus on two thematic issues: (1) the role of men and boys in gender equality; (2) women‚s equal participation in conflict prevention, management and resolution..
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National Conference on Health Care and Domestic Violence: Health Consequences Over the Lifespan - (October 21-23 2004 - Boston, Massachusetts). Organized by the Family Violence Prevention Fund, the conference aims to broaden the discussion on the physical and mental health impacts of domestic violence and highlight innovative research, practices, programmes and partnerships that improve patient safety and health status.
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November 25th - Int'l Day for the Elimination of VAW

Campaña regional por una respuesta a la violencia contra las mujeres

Actividades de conmemoración del 25 de Noviembre, Día Internacional en contra de la violencia hacia la mujer

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