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Gender and Health Advocacy Packs

The purpose behind GenSalud Advocacy Packs is to present a current issue in Gender and Health in a concise and user-friendly way. Each kit contains a fact sheet (or series of fact sheets), a brief issue paper and a power point presentation. They can be used as part of a conference presentation, as a tool to educate policy-makers or as the basis for a workshop or class session on Gender and Health issues. Upcoming kits include: Gender and Indigenous Women's Health in the Americas, and Male Involvement in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

You may download the whole kit free of charge. We ask that you kindly let us know how you are using the kit, so that we can evaluate its efficacy. Please contact us at with your comments and suggestions

Gender and Indigenous Women's Health in the Americas

  Fact Sheet - Gender and Indigenous Women's Health (PDF 31Kb)
  Issue Paper - Gender and Indigenous Women's Health (PDF 571Kb)
  Presentation - Gender and Indigenous Women's Health (PPT 1.3MB)

Involving Men in Sexual and Reproductive Health

  Fact Sheet - Involving Men in SRH (PDF 32Kb)
  Issue Paper - Involving Men in SRH (PDF 113Kb)
  Presentation - Involving Men in SRH (PPT 198Kb)

Gender Equity in Health

  Fact Sheet - Gender Equity in Health (PDF 28.6Kb)
  Issue Paper - Gender Equity in Health (PDF 106Kb)
  Presentation - Gender Equity in Health (PPT 198Kb)

Gender and HIV/AIDS in LAC

  Fact Sheet - Gender and HIV/AIDS (PDF 28.Kb)
  Fact Sheet - Gender and The UNGASS on HIV/AIDS (PDF 26.6Kb)
  Issue Paper - The UNGASS, Gender and Women's Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean (PDF 154Kb)
  Presentation - Gender and HIV/AIDS in LAC (PPT 168Kb)

Trafficking of Women and Children for Sexual Exploitation in the Americas

  Fact Sheet - Trafficking in the Americas (PDF 23.8Kb)
  Issue Paper - Trafficking in the Americas (PDF 112Kb)
  Presentation - Trafficking in the Americas (PDF 274Kb)


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