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Social Protection in Health

Social exclusion is a great challenge on the political, social and economic agenda of the Region of the Americas. The panorama of the health sector shows that despite various efforts to improve the health status of the people in the last 20 years, users are not satisfied with health services and approximately 20 percent of the population is excluded from existing social protection mechanisms and do not have the minimum resources to access care.

In this context, it is important to emphasize that exclusion in health is a multidimensional phenomenon that extends beyond aspects related to the functioning of health systems. It is related with poverty, inequality, discrimination, cultural factors and employment conditions. It is a dynamic process, in which various forces interact preventing an individual or social group to exercise certain social rights that allow them to access health care.

The following sections are available:  

Country Studies
- Contains the main results of each country study, including statistical data.  

- Includes the Extension of the Social Protection publication series and technical documents produced by the countries.  

Methodological instruments
-  Contains methodological guidelines and instruments developed by PAHO that support decision-makers in the implementation of policies to extend social protection in health. 

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