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IADB / PAHO - Senior Policy Seminar 
Health, Human Capital and Economic Growth:
Theory, Evidence and Policies  

October 3-4, 2002
Washington DC., USA
PAHO/WHO  Headquarters
525 23rd Street, N.W.
Room B (Second Floor)
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Workshop Objective:

The main objective of this seminar was to examine the relationship between investments in human capital (nutrition, health and education), long-term economic growth and social development (reduction of poverty and inequalities).

Questions addressed during the seminar included:

  • Does the rate of investment in human capital (nutrition, health and education) affect long-term economic growth and social development?
  • What do new theories of endogenous economic growth tell us about the likely impact of improvements in the quality and longevity of human capital on long-term economic growth?
  • What are the transmission mechanisms by which changes in nutrition and health status of the population will affect the rates of returns to investments in education, labor productivity, adaptability to change and economic growth?
  • What do we know about the rate of investments in human capital (health and education) in the Americas? What are the criteria to define an optimal balance between the rate of investments in human capital and the rate of savings and investments?

The seminar highlighted the incorporation of human capital variables into endogenous economic growth models and also the most recent empirical evidence about the links between the nutritional and health status of a population, the quality and longevity of human capital and countries performance in terms of long term economic growth and social development: income growth, reduction of poverty and inequality.

The seminar also featured discussions of analytical models and empirical evidence examining the health of populations as a possible explanation for the persistence of poverty and inequality in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Project: Health and Economic Growth
Phase II: 2001-2002 [PDF 25kb]

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  • Pan American Health Organization
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